South Bend Chick-Fil-A Customer Receives Wrong Order, You Won’t Believe What The Franchise Owner Does

South Bend, Indiana, resident Shelby Dirrim stopped by a local Chick-Fil-A restaurant for a quick dinner of grilled chicken nuggets after a long and busy day. When she arrived home to her apartment, she was upset to see that the restaurant staff failed to provide grilled chicken nuggets — instead, they gave her breaded nuggets. Under normal circumstances, the mix up would not have been a big deal. However, Dirrim has strict dietary restriction that prevent her from eating gluten, thus her request for the grilled chicken nuggets instead of the breaded ones.

Dirrim was upset, but not to the point that she was ready to storm back to the store and give them a piece of her mind. Instead, she decided to call the store, located on South Michigan Street, and advise them of the error, hopefully preventing another similar mishap that could cause the customer harm due to dietary restrictions. Her intention was not to be rude to the staff, but simply to educate, according to WSBT TV.

“I’m not one to complain or call restaurants when human mistakes are made, but I decided to call and kindly let them know what happened…”

Dirrim never expected the complaint to reach the franchise owner, nor did she expect what happened next.

Edward Endres, the owner of the South Bend, Indiana, Chick-Fil-A franchise not only listened to Dirrim’s complaint, but he made it a point to hand deliver a fresh order of grilled chicken nuggets to her personally, according to WNDU TV.

Dirrim, who expected to keep her complaint between her and the store, was in awe at the level of customer service Endres demonstrated, so she took her experience to Facebook, thanking Endres for caring for his customers.

“He made sure I could enjoy a hot meal without any hassle or worry. Thank you Edward and Chick-fil-a!!!!”

In shock, Dirrim continued that her diet is often difficult to sustain due to her crazy schedule and work related craziness.

“He made sure I could enjoy a hot meal without any hassle or worry, which is often difficult with my diet and schedule as an independent musician. I’m in awe that in this crazy world, there are still people that care about complete strangers even in the seemingly smallest of ways.”

The random act of kindness presented by Endres speaks volumes for the way he runs his business. He understands that the customers are the core of his company and the reason he is there. Small gestures, such as taking Dirrim her order, go above and beyond anything that is to be expected.

In addition to helping Dirrim with her order mix up, Endres recently opened up the parking lot at his Main Street location in Mishawaka, Indiana, to a candle light vigil of an employee that was killed in a tragic car accident. The two acts of kindness are only a small example of how Endres contributes to his community via various acts of kindness.

South Bend Chik-Fil-A Customer Receives Wrong Order, You Won't Believe What The Franchise Owner Does
[Photo Via: Shelby Dirrim/Facebook]

Although Chick-Fil-A has come under fire in recent years for comments and decisions made by the corporate owners, Endres’ acts of kindness show that not all franchise owners represent the same ideals. Instead, each franchisee is unique. Boycotts and negative media are harmful to all restaurants in the chain. However, Endres’ kindness show that the community should get to know their restaurant and retail franchisees, learn how they contribute and care for the community, thus realizing their stance in the controversies that might pop up.

Endres is one of the good guys out there, willing to go above and beyond to serve his customers, employees, and community.

[Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images News]