Gwen Stefani And Queen Latifah Celebrate Barbie

Barbie has come a long way from the days she had very distinct measurements and one color of skin. Last year the Barbie brand diversified its collection of dolls by unveiling new additions in a variety of ethnic backgrounds. This week, 33 new dolls were introduced, this time varying in shape and size.

Hollywood Reporter shares the details of the big reveal for the Barbie brand.

“Last year, Barbie released a collection of 23 dolls, varied in shades and features – from skin tone to hair and eye color. Today, Barbie continues to advocate diversity with the addition of 33 figures with three new shapes: petite, tall and curvy. On Thursday night inside the Sunset Tower Hotel, the brand held an intimate dinner celebrating the iconic doll’s new look.”

A number of celebrities came together to support and express their happiness due to the new additions to the collection. This was all possible at a recent event that InStyle makes mention of, stating that the”‘Reshape the Conversation’ dinner, [was] where figureheads from all walks of life were on hand to celebrate Barbie’s new tall, petite, and curvy variations.”

Queen Latifah shared a fond connection to Barbie and it was originally.

“I just remember Barbie taught me to stick up for others and protect those who couldn’t stick up for themselves, because Barbie was always in danger at my house — I had a big brother.”

<> at The Shrine Auditorium on January 30, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Gwen Stefani also shared about her memories as a Barbie fanatic and expressed her happiness with the changes that have been made to diversify the collection.

“I was so into Barbie. I mean, obviously, obviously I was into Barbie, and I spent hours getting them ready for this story that we were going to maybe play, but we never did. I feel like that’s what I’ve done with my life — just getting ready, ready, ready. It’s not ever about the event, it’s always about getting ready.”

Amanda de Cadenet was host for the event and was responsible for questioning the celebs about their Barbie-playing experiences, yet she also elaborated on how she hopes these new figures better reflect the real world we live in.

“I’m really happy that there are these different body types now, because it’s such a better reflection of the world we live in,”


Jeremy Scott, creator of the Moschino Barbie line, reflected on what an impact Barbie has had on his life over the years.

“She’s an icon, and I’ve always seen her as such a positive force. She’s worn every fashion imaginable and has been on top of the fashion scene since day one. And now comes this new and exciting moment for Barbie.”

Screenwriter Diablo Cody, who is currently writing the live action Barbie movie, noted the manner in which Barbie was of importance growing up, as well.

“Gwen was about getting the Barbies ready, but I was the opposite. I was into the role play aspect, and there were serious soap opera storylines that were playing themselves out.”

De Cadenet went into more detail in her conversation with InStyle in regards to the importance of the new line of dolls.

“It’s a big deal that they’re risking making this kind of change… I think this is one of the times you can actually support [Barbie] and I like to support women. Young girls are going to see themselves reflected in her new crew and that is what’s so important.”

Those involved in making this change a possibility should be commended for breaking the Barbie mold and making reality attractive to young girls.

[Feature Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]