UFO Near Space Station In NASA Video Scans Earth With Massive Light Beam 'For Some Reason,' UFOlogists Claim

Jonathan Vankin

A prominent, if controversial online UFO researcher has again claimed to find an alien craft in a NASA video from the International Space Station — which if the internet UFO hunters are to be believed has become a busy hub for extraterrestrial activity recently. NASA maintains a constant video feed from cameras mounted on the exterior of the space station, and that feed — which is viewable by anyone thanks to the video below — has been the source of nearly all of the claimed UFO sightings there.

Here is the official, NASA ISS video feed.

But in that feed, the YouTube UFO archivist Streetcap1, the researcher responsible for many space station UFO sightings, says he found "lights" in a recent sequence from the video feed.

"These appeared at the right hand side of the screen briefly then moved out of frame again. I took a still photo of them and sharpened the picture which appears at the beginning and end of this short video," wrote Streetcap1 on his YouTube page.

Here is the video that he posted, showing the lights.

But when Scott C. Waring of the popular UFO Sightings Daily site saw and posted the video, he took Streetcap1's claim a step further — a very large step — claiming that the video shows a UFO shining a massive beam of light directly at Earth, with the purpose of "scanning" the planet.

Waring created a graphic, in which he highlights what he says is the UFO and the bizarre "scanning" light.

"The UFO is scanning the planet for some reason, probably trying to calculate the number of life forms/types in the ocean. Human pollution and how fast we destroy our own planet does concern them...since it was theirs long before it was ours," Waring wrote.

"Lens flares can make very convincing UFOs," wrote the research site Caelestia.com. "Fortunately, they are easy to identify as both the light source and its reflected image are usually located on a line that crosses the center of the photograph and at equal distances from that center."

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At least one commenter on Waring's post made that exact point regarding the latest space station UFO video.

"Looks like a flare since the alleged ufo stays in the exact same spot on the camera as the camera itself moves in orbit...obvious," wrote the commenter, who did not post his or her name.

Another commenter was even more blunt.

"You can't just go around making up things like this, then claiming they are factual," wrote a commenter identifying himself as Michael Dougherty. "Scott really doesn't care about his reputation at all. Laughable at BEST."

In a similar incident, UFO hunters last November became excited when they believed they had spotted a "cigar shaped" UFO in an image posted by International Space Station astronaut Scott Kelly.

— Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly) November 15, 2015

— Peter Caltner (@PC0101) November 16, 2015

The skeptical explanations, however, appear unlikely to stop the stream of UFO sightings in NASA space station videos, as the links in the above "Related Stories" box would appear to indicate.

[Photos By NASA]