Stevie J Hints That Khloe Kardashian Was His Secret Lover, Blasts Joseline Hernandez For Rick Ross Hookup

Is it possible that Khloe Kardashian hooked up with Stevie J? That’s what the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta veteran wanted people to think during a recent Bossip interview. Stevie’s revelation about a possible Kardashian hookup came after stories that he and Joseline Hernandez have split. Stevie blasted Joseline after Rick Ross’ birthday party when pictures popped up and Hernandez was looking less than loyal to Stevie J in them.

The possible Khloe Kardashian hookup may have happened in the early 2000s. Stevie J dropped several clues about who he may have had a fling with when asked if he had ever “dated a white woman before.” Stevie told David D. of Bossip’s “Don’t Be Scared” podcast that he had, in fact, dated a white woman before. Then Stevie said, “She’s in a famous family and all that.” Listen to the Bossip interview below.

Well, there is no family more famous than the Kardashians so naturally the conversation steers in that direction. David asks Stevie if his former girl made tapes, probably talking about Kim Kardashian. Stevie denied any tape making, though. Don’t forget that Stevie J has a pretty famous clip circulating the net from back when he was with Eve so it’s not completely impossible.

Anyway, no tape making means that Kim is out. That’s when Stevie came out with it and said, “Khloe’s a great friend of mine. She’s a sweetheart.” Then the LHHATL star continued, “She used to work with me, she used to be my assistant in L.A. She used to spend a lot of time with me in my house at L.A.” Could Stevie J really have dated Khloe Kardashian? So far Khloe hasn’t bothered to comment on whether she and Stevie used to hook up.

The conversation about dating white women and then the topic of Khloe Kardashian came up because David D. asked Stevie if he’d ever remarry now that he and Joseline Hernandez are on the outs. Earlier this month, Joseline allegedly destroyed about $65,000 of Stevie J’s stuff because she felt that Stevie was spending too much time in the studio with Faith Evans.

There have been some rumors that Faith and Stevie have been seeing each other, which would naturally make Joseline irate. On top of that, Stevie is supposed to be Joseline’s manager too. So if he’s spending a lot of time in the studio while Joseline waits around to make her own music, it wouldn’t really matter if Stevie J was cheating or not. Joseline would never stand for Stevie J ignoring her and even sought out other managers and producers in the past because she thought Stevie was delaying her attempts to make music. Does Stevie J put Joseline off because he doesn’t think she’s talented? It seems like if she was going to be a hitmaker, then the “hitmaker” Stevie J would be in the studio with Joseline all the time.

Stevie J Called Out Rick Ross & Joseline After Photo Surfaced via @YahooMusic

— Scott Stoflet (@scott_stoflet) January 30, 2016

In any case, Joseline seems to be getting her revenge lately by hooking up with Rick Ross and Stevie J has made it known that he’s angry. Stevie blasted both Joseline and Rick Ross when a picture of them together surfaced online. In the photo taken at Rick’s 40th birthday party, the Maybach Music Group mogul can be seen with his hand placed protectively on Joseline’s hip. Another picture of Joseline Hernandez and Rick Ross came after that and in it, they are looking even closer. Are Stevie and Rick Ross about to start a whole new hip-hop feud on behalf of Joseline?

A Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fan tweeted the picture to Stevie J and asked about the questionable pose. Stevie tweeted back, “Gotta let a hoe be a hoe. No we are NOT married but Ricky I thought we was cool after I kept Lira safe from all the wolves when she was in la. Thank god it’s over.”

After just one episode of Stevie J and Joseline’s VH1 spinoff Stevie J and Joseline Do Hollywood, we don’t know if the LHHATL alums are together or broken up. Signs are pointing toward a split but anything can happen in Stevie and Joseline’s volatile relationship. What Stevie did confirm is that he and Joseline aren’t married. Given the absence of a marriage license or any divorce documentation, it’s a safe bet the pair never were married after all.

Do you think Stevie J really had a relationship with Khloe Kardashian or is he making up stories for ratings? Also, will Stevie and Joseline stay split up or keep playing out their rocky fake marriage in order to keep creating story lines for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and now Stevie J and Joseline Do Hollywood?

[Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]