New York Giants Player Jay Bromley Accused Of Attempted Rape, After Hitting Woman With His Car

Jay Bromley, a defensive tackle for the NFL's New York Giants, was accused of attempted rape today by a 26-year-old woman he met on Instagram. The pair met up Friday evening and eventually wound up at Bromley's hotel room, where she claims he forced himself upon her, reports the New York Post.

"She willfully performed oral sex on [Bromley], but something took place where she didn't want it to take place," an unnamed source told the Post.

The NYPD has yet to release a statement regarding the alleged assault, and the investigation is, as of this reporting, still ongoing. The New York Giants are said to be "monitoring the situation" but have not made any formal statements.

The account of events presented to the New York Post outlines a bizarre scene that occurred outside a Hyatt hotel in Manhattan. Bromley allegedly left the hotel after the alleged assault, and the unnamed woman gave chase, and jumped on the hood of Bromley's vehicle, demanding a ride home. Bromley then allegedly backed the vehicle away slowly, causing the unnamed victim to fall off the hood and land on her knees.

The Post confirms that a credit card in Jay Bromley's name was used to pay for the hotel room, and the alleged victim was taken to Roosevelt Hospital shortly after the incident in front of the hotel.

The NYPD's Special Victims Unit is investigating the assault, and according to ESPN, a rape kit has been administered.

"We are aware of the situation and will continue to monitor it. We have notified the league office per the league's protocol. We have will have no further comment as we understand this is an ongoing investigation," the New York Giants said in a statement early this morning.

Jay Bromley has not been charged, as of this reporting, but reports from ESPN and the New York Post confirm that video surveillance and credit card receipts link Bromley and the unnamed alleged victim to the hotel room in question.

Jay Bromley was a third round draft pick for the New York Giants, a surprise for sports analysts who found his performance during his rookie year to be less than impressive.

According to Vice, over the last few years, there have been 44 NFL players who have been accused or convicted of sexual assault or domestic violence. Vice maintains a list of all NFL players who have been accused of sexual or domestic violence, in an effort to raise awareness of crimes that are often unpunished on account of the status that football players often enjoy in American culture.

"When we celebrate these men as athletes and role models, while overlooking their alleged histories, we contribute to a culture in which violent misogyny is normalized," the Vice report reads.

According to Total Pro Sports, sex crimes are number eight on a list of the 11 most common crimes committed by NFL players.

The allegations against Jay Bromley are damning, despite the fact that he hasn't been charged with anything, and the investigation is extremely preliminary. The NFL's own code of conduct treats allegations like these very seriously. Particularly after a number of high-profile arrests of NFL players for violent crimes in recent years.

In 2014, a new NFL personal conduct policy was introduced as an effort to fight back against criticism that the league has endured in recent years, given the high profile arrests and even videos that have been released depicting NFL players engaged in acts of violence. Whether or not this new policy will be used against Bromley remains to be seen. In the wake of the Ray Rice and Ben Rothlisberger, the NFL may have to crack down in order to escape the withering criticism that is sure to be coming their way.

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