‘American Horror Story’ Plans For New Season Featuring Slender Man?

The latest season of American Horror Story (AHS) has ended. Series creators and producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are ready to churn out another season. Rumor has it they are ready to explore the unknown, supernatural elements of the creepypasta internet horror celebrity, The Slender Man. The American Horror Story team has not yet confirmed this, but having this focus for next season is a step in the right direction.

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American Horror Story graced the cable airways on the FX network in 2011. The show is a modern horror anthology with each season being a self-contained story — meaning there is a beginning, middle, and end. This is a revolutionary move in television as most TV shows’ plots are known to be continuous and go on for an eternity (like Supernatural). The show may use the same actors in every season, but every character, plot, and setting is different.

In total, American Horror Story has had five seasons:

American Horror Story Season 1: Murder House
A family moves into their new home and has to deal with the evil spirits within.

American Horror Story Season 2: Asylum
A news journalist is held against her will in an asylum where the staff is possessed.

American Horror Story Season 3: Coven
Witches with infinite powers deal with evil forces in modern day Louisiana.

American Horror Story Season 4: Freakshow
A woman is trying to revive her dying freakshow act in 1950s Florida, but evil forces are trying to prevent the show from continuing.

American Horror Story Season 5: Hotel
A torture chamber that fronts as a hotel is run by a vampire in modern day L.A.

If what Vanity Fair states is true, the producers of the show are looking to use the creepypasta Slender Man for inspiration for season 6. These days, creepypasta websites are the go-to places when looking for fanfiction horror stories and antagonists. Most of the stories contain violent and graphic material, and are absolutely not suitable for children.

Each creepypasta story takes on one of three forms, according to the Wikia page of creepypasta:

  • “Anecdotes: The narrator remarks on a scary legend, news story, or event from their own past.”

  • “Rituals: A list of instructions for the reader, claiming that if they go to a certain place at a certain time, and perform specific actions, something remarkable and/or horrifying will happen.”

  • The “Lost Episode.” The narrator tells the story of a never-before-seen episode or scene from a famous TV show, typically a comedy or children’s cartoon, where the audio and video is heavily distorted and characters begin acting strangely or violently, killing themselves and/or each other. This style of creepypasta has fallen out of favor nowadays, as it is seen as cliché.”

One of the famed creepypasta characters is the Slender Man. This could be why the producers of American Horror Story may want to use the terrifying urban legend. Legend has it that Slender Man was originally conceived as a result of a Photoshop contest, but has evolved into a supernatural kidnapper of children who enjoys arson.

American Horror Story, Horror, Slenderman, Creepypasta, Story, Horror Story, season
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According to the Wikia page of creepypasta, he is shown to be at least 7ft tall and has an abnormally thin frame with extremely long arms. He also chooses to wear a three-piece suit, which makes the character all the more creepy.

SlenderMan is a popular character, so featuring a story revolved around his origins should prove successful for American Horror Story in ratings. But that’s not the only story out there to explore. Here are some characters that could be explored in the next season

  • Fighting cannibals in a futurist post-apocalyptic setting
  • A season taking place around the holiday, with Krampus as the antagonist
  • Utilize another famous psychopath from creepypasta, Jeff the Killer
  • Battling killer werewolves in the 1970s
  • Capitalize on the craze with a season about flesh-eating zombies

What would you like to see on the next season of American Horror Story?

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