‘Hawaii Five-0’ Spoilers: A ‘Real Significant’ Face-Off For Chin And Gabriel Is Coming

Gabriel is like that dark storm cloud looming in the distance, ready to drench you with rain at any moment in Hawaii Five-0 Season 6, and he’s going to be coming back into focus sooner (as in next month) rather than later. What will that mean for Chin, Kono, and Adam?

Right now, in Hawaii Five-0 Season 6, Adam is serving time, having accepted a deal for 18 months, rather than risking going to trial and losing and facing five years behind bars. So for now, Kono is wearing his wedding ring on a necklace around her neck and visiting him, and he assures her he’s fine. Being in prison is a place where it helps that people know who his father is when it comes to him getting space from the other inmates and being safe in that regard.

Unfortunately, being locked up does not mean that Gabriel can’t also stop by to visit Adam, as the man threatened Kono’s life by telling him he had people outside their house, waiting for a call from him in the next 10 minutes. That was pretty much the only (and, for Gabriel, best) way to get Adam to listen. Meanwhile, Kono’s much-needed break in the last episode may have been interrupted when she and Chin stumbled upon guys burying a body, but as her cousin reminded her, they have guards looking out for her husband and as long as everything went according to plan, he’d be home next year.

Ian Anthony Dale and Grace Park in Hawaii Five-0
What's coming up for Adam and Kono as Hawaii Five-0 season 6 continues? [Image via CBS]

But will that all be true? According to TV Guide, showrunner Peter Lenkov has revealed that the a Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 episode slated to air in April is going to have “‘significant’ implications for Adam and Kono’s relationship,” while also talking about Gabriel’s upcoming appearances. Will that episode deal with Gabriel visiting Adam in prison, or could it be about something else that happens between now and then?

There are quite a few episodes before then, however. There’s the Valentine’s Day one, airing February 12, “Hoa ‘inea” (“Misery Loves Company”), which will see the team investigate a double homicide involving marital infidelity and remembering their disastrous experiences for the romantic holiday. (And according to the press release, someone’s getting a black eye and someone else is heading for a breakup.)

Daniel Dae Kim and Christopher Sean in Hawaii Five-0
What will happen next time Chin and Gabriel face off? [Image via CBS]

TV Guide describes that episode as “somewhat lighthearted,” which is going to be what the series needs since later in February is when Gabriel makes his return, and according to Lenkov, what happens is big (as is another episode in this arc that will be airing as the one right before the season finale).

“He and Chin finally face off in a real significant way. He comes back in a way that, it’s do or die time for us.”

That makes it sound like when Gabriel stopped Chin (as seen in the photo below) when Abby was with him will just be child’s play compared to what’s coming. And given their history, it’s probably something that was inevitable. Expect “a lot of action and some big surprises,” the showrunner teased from the arc with Gabriel.

In other Hawaii Five-0 news, TVLine has reported guest stars for two upcoming episodes. First, there’s the return of Silicon Valley’s Martin Starr’s hacker character, Adam “Toast” Charles. As should be no surprise (and reveals nothing), he is “back for a big case that requires his hacking skills,” shared Lenkov.

There’s also Olga Fonda (The Vampire Diaries and Agent X) guest starring as Anna Novik, “a spy who uses deadly tactics to obtain important stolen intel” and ends up on the team’s radar.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

[Image via CBS]