Louis Tomlinson And Briana Jungwirth Name Son ‘Freddie Reign’ After Settling Paternity Question

Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth have named their son “Freddie Reign” after clearing a paternity hurdle following his birth on January 21, in Los Angeles, California. Tomlinson, 24, claims responsibility for the “Freddie” part, while Jungwirth, 24, admits to “Reign” as her choice for the second half of the newborn’s name.

According to Wall Street.com, Louis had the paternity test done as soon as the baby was born, as proof the baby was his. Months after Jungwirth told Tomlinson she was carrying his child, the One Direction star reportedly had to contend with rumors that while they were first seeing each other, she was also dating another man.

Putting to rest speculation about whether the baby would get Tomlinson’s last name since the parents are not together, the two did enter “Freddie Reign Tomlinson” on his birth certificate. As for living arrangements, Louis Tomlinson is renting a $14 million five-bedroom Los Angeles mansion for six months, plus a separate four-bedroom house for Jungwirth, an unemployed fashion stylist previously living with family in a $100,000 condominium unit. Her new living setup allows Tomlinson to be a hands-on father while maintaining a separate address with Jungwirth.

Briana and son
Meet Freddie Reign Tomlinson with mom Briana. [Photo via Facebook]
Louis Tomlinson’s brief relationship with Briana Jungwirth started after his split-up with longtime love Eleanor Calder, 23, in March 2015. The One Direction British star and the American fashion stylist were seen together in subsequent occasions including a May 12, 2015 sighting of them holding hands in the back of a car leaving a Snoop Dogg album release party in Los Angeles.

On September 24, Jungwirth attended a One Direction concert at the O2 Arena in London where Louis set Twitter a-buzz with snapshots of Briana’s baby bump in the V.I.P. area of the venue. Dressed in black, she was surrounded by Tomlinson’s family, including father Troy Austin, mother Johannah Poulston and sister, Félicité.

Louis reportedly tried his best to make his relationship work with Briana during his One Direction tour, even introducing her to his mother. Ultimately, Tomlinson just couldn’t see any future with the stylist, and broke up with her rather than propose marriage.

According to Hollywood Life, little Freddie’s first name doesn’t originate anywhere in particular. Louis Tomlinson simply liked the sound of it and Briana raised no objection, so “Freddie” stuck. As for second name “Reign,” it came from Briana who wanted something earthy like “Rain” which, however, sounded too girly. Hence, the more manly “Reign” came to be.

Louis Tomlinson posted the first snapshot of his son on January 27, 2016 and was immediately inundated by fans liking and commenting on the picture. A growing consensus among online respondents is that Freddie Reign “is a spitting image of his dad”.

Jungwirth who grew up living with her mother Tammi Clark, stepbrother Brett Clark and her little brother Austin, enjoys parental support all around. Father Joe Jungwirth who split up with Tammi when Briana was ten, told media that his daughter was strong but shy, and was texting him all the time about her unique situation as the mother of Louis Tomlinson’s son.

On Louis Tomlinson’s side, his mother Johannah Deakin and stepfather Dan reportedly flew out to meet her in the U.S. in the early stages of her pregnancy. They spent time with her during the Fourth of July weekend and reportedly joined her parents for her ante-natal scan.

According to People magazine, Jungwirth had never attended a One Direction concert until just prior to meeting Louis Tomlinson. Since the band first formed, the only time she got to see a One Direction performance was when the On the Road Again tour made a California stop.

Tomlinson-Jungwirth early date
Louis Tomlinson-Briana Jungwirth romance at first blush. [Photo via Facebook]
Other facts People put out for fans are: she is a stylist who works in fashion, though she is currently unemployed; Louis is not dating her anymore, but they’re still ”extremely” good friends; she’s very private, and when they spend time together, it’s out of the public eye; she’s gotten close to Tomlinson’s mother, Johannah, a midwife ready with advice and a great source of support for Briana.

Hollywood Life claims that after Louis Tomlinson laid his eyes on Jungwirth inside a Los Angeles nightclub in May 2015, he allegedly used his personal bodyguard to summon her for an introduction.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

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