Latest Clinton News: Was The Information In The Emails Classified At The Time They Were Sent To Clinton?

As information is unfolding regarding “top secret” emails sent to Hillary Clinton has more concerning questions rather than what the emails consisted of. The bigger question being asked is, was the information sent to Clinton’s personal email classified at the time?

It was mentioned on Powerline that the State Department is investigating and if the information in the emails were, in fact, classified, Hillary will have no political defense; however, even if they weren’t classified at the time of transmission, doesn’t mean Clinton won’t be in any legal endangerment.

One email sent to Clinton was in regards to Intelligence Missions in Afghanistan. CBS News reports there were 37 pages of emails sent, however, they were not labeled as “classified” when they were sent to Clinton. The State Department did admit the emails were Top Secret, which is one if the highest levels of classifications and John Kirby, State Department’s spokesman would not even release the subjects of the emails.

Timing was not in Clinton’s favor, as she was scheduled to attend the Iowa Caucuses as part of her presidential campaign. CBS News notes, “Republicans were quick to pounce.”

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Donald Trump was sure to make a tweet in regards to the news.

“Hillary Clinton is a major national security risk. Not presidential material!”

Sen. Marco Rubio stated if a member of his staff would ever leak top security information like this, they would have been fired and prosecuted.

Clinton continues to plea that no classified information was sent or received on her private email and voters are starting to question her honesty.

CBS News was further told by an intelligence official that some of the emails contained such sensitive information the she should have known better to discuss over a personal, unsecured email.

Politico mentions that some of the emails were in regards to topics from President Barack Obama’s Healthcare Plans to Guantanamo and Haiti. Neera Tanden, Clinton’s long-time adviser wrote a “hush, hush” email back in May 2009 to Clinton in regards to public option healthcare plans.

“Lots of things could fall in the direction of your campaign proposal — a mandate with a smallish version of the exclusion along with a premium cap. That’s by no means assured, but if it does break that way, I will try to ensure I’m not the only one who notices (between us, of course),”

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As reported on The DC, Sidney Blumenthal, Clinton’s intelligence-provider and friend was responsible for some of the “Top Secret” emails, however, they were not completely classified, said the State Department on Friday. There were four emails sent from Blumenthal that contained all “classified” information, however, the other dozens of emails contained at least some viewable content.

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As Clinton continues to deny any email containing classified material, she uses the defense that none of the emails sent or received stated they were, indeed, classified, therefore she is using that to her defense. The DC further reports that Hillary Clinton did sign a non-disclosure agreement when she took office as Secretary of the State back in 2009 acknowledging that if information is classified, it is considered classified regardless of whether or not is is marked as so.

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