Jodi Arias: Attorney Reveals Sexts And Flirting Amid New Music Video

Jodi Arias, convicted of the 2008 murder of her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander, reportedly flirted with her defense attorney throughout her entire trial, according to information revealed in a new book.

HLN reports that Arias, 35, spent a lot of time during her murder trial flirting with her former defense lawyer Kirk Nurmi, who recently opened up to Nancy Grace about the extremely explicit messages Arias would send him. According to Numi, she attempted to lure, manipulate, and seduce, but he was repulsed by her behavior.

“We talked about her stories about her vaginal grooming, her flirtatious behavior, yes I documented it all….Back in the day, before I tried to leave her case, um, this is the sort of behavior we saw out of Ms. Arias.”

Numi, author of the book Trapped with Ms. Arias, details the five-and-a-half-year relationship he had with Arias, which was allegedly filled with constant sexual advances by the convicted murderer. Yet Arias denies that she ever flirted with Nurmi, and according to Kareem “Lefty” Williams, a Phoenix rapper who speaks frequently with Arias, she called his book “total BS.”

Williams, who made a rap video about her case and trial, has visited Arias multiple times at the Perryville Women’s Prison in Goodyear, Arizona. He revealed that Arias said she never had any feelings for Nurmi and never told him anything explicit.

In a recent 15-minute recorded conversation with Williams, Arias boasted about her cozy conditions in prison. Although she stated the food wasn’t so great, she bragged about having access to numerous television channels, including basic cable and religious channels.

“On the weekends they give us a hot dinner, on the week days it’s, like, sandwiches. Nothing is very good. I guess you can compare it to hospital food, because it’s not bad, it’s just not great.”

Arias hasn’t seen Williams’ video yet, but during the conversation, she made it clear she was anxious to watch it, and regardless if people hate the video, she still has an overwhelming amount of love coming her way.

Jodi Arias boasted about her life in prison, where she gets access to cable television. (AP Photo/The Arizona Republic, Mark Henle, Pool)
Jodi Arias boasted about her life in prison, where she gets access to cable television. (AP Photo/The Arizona Republic, Mark Henle, Pool)

“It’s all good! If this is what it’s like to be hated, keep hating. I’ve got so much love coming my direction, I can’t even respond to it all.”

Yet, even with the alleged love “coming in her direction,” Arias doesn’t seem to want to give it back to anyone who bashes Williams’ video. She told the rapper that anyone “hating” on the video must not have a life.

“It doesn’t matter how bad it is. You should be flattered that someone took the time…. These people have no life or they’re really in love with you.”

The video, indeed, is receiving a lot of hate. The 4:20-minute-long music video, published on YouTube, focuses on PTSD and domestic abuse while trying to put Arias in a positive light. Unsurprisingly, viewers are quickly responding negatively, condemning both Williams for making the video and Arias for being a convicted murderer. According to one viewer,

“Victim, this woman is not a victim. She is completely and totally guilty, Jodi does not suffer from PTSD, that I can assure you. I know domestic violence first hand as a child and as an adult. What she did was pure pre-meditated MURDER!!”

Jodi Arias is serving a life sentence in prison, without the possibility of parole, after the jury deadlocked in a vote for the death penalty.

[Photo by AP/The Arizona Republic, David Wallace, Pool]