One Direction Fans Reminisce With Band’s Last Video Before Hiatus, Zayn Malik Featured

As soon as the video was released, fans took to social media to react to the new video. There were many in tears, as they got to see the moments the solo hopefuls on X Factor were made into a five-man group and then got through to the live stages. Other old clips include them meeting their fans and performing live on stage.

Fans Of One Direction Look Back At Band History In Last Song Before Hiatus
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Because of the black-and-white clips showing how far they had come, Malik is featured in the new One Direction video. He left the band shortly before the announcement of the hiatus, leaving many fans upset and angry. There was also some bad blood temporarily between some of the former band mates, but that all seems to have been worked out now.

Billboard shared many of the social media reactions, especially the ones from Twitter, over the last One Direction video. Some of them took screen shots from the History music video, while others took screen shots of other music videos the band has done in the past. There are also clips of other celebrities crying, as fans show just how emotional they are at the new release.

One fan, known as Texting 5SOS & 1D on Twitter, shared a post to thank the One Direction band members. It was because of the band that the user got to make various friends online and in life. This is a positive message to say just how much the band has done for the user, and it has so far been retweeted 36 times by other One Directioners, as fans are known.

Fans have also had the chance to see never before seen footage of the band, including with departed member Malik. Some of the clips had also been shown on the X Factor final, where the band performed the song for the first time for a live audience.

Interestingly, History also features fans within the chorus of the song. Liam Payne said that the idea to bring in the fans was his, and it worked well for the last song of the hiatus, according to Entertainment Weekly. However, some fans worry that it actually means the band will never get back together after their year off. Payne explained that the song was about the fans and the history they have had with the five-turned-four-piece band. It made sense to get them involved for this iconic moment in One Direction’s life.

Louis Tomlinson still says that this break is just that: a break. It has been made out to be something much bigger, but it is not a definite split. Fans had worried, especially since Malik had only recently left before the band announced the break. There was a Take That feeling for many, after Robbie Williams had left that band in the 1990s.

One Direction Fans Remember Band History In Last Video Before Hiatus
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

One Direction had announced the hiatus but simply said that they needed a break. Over the last five years, the boys have either been recording or performing. They have had little time to spend to themselves, and they need to take time off to recharge their batteries. Tomlinson has also recently become a father, and needs time off to spend with his new son. He plans on being a hands-on father where possible.

The bad news for fans is that this hiatus is indefinite. It was originally going to be a year, but One Direction members cannot give a timescale for when they will be back. The last video will have to be enough for now.

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