Common Meets Laura Dern’s Kids — Is Rapper Dating ‘Jurassic Park’ Actress?

Common was seen having dinner with Laura Dern in Beverly Hills and now the two have been romantically linked. Common and Dern have been dating and “getting to know each other” according to a new report from Us Weekly. From the sound of the dating rumors, Common and Laura must be pretty serious because they claim that the rapper has already met Dern’s children. Other reports claim the dating rumors are false but did confirm the unlikely couple were having dinner together. Is it possible that Common and Laura Dern are dating?

The Us Weekly magazine hit stands on Wednesday, and in it, they claimed a friend of Laura Dern was dishing on her relationship with Common. Laura has introduced Common to her kids, Ellery and Jaya. The source goes on to say that Common and Laura are “having fun and seeing where things go.”

Laura Dern and Common were spotted on January 14 in Beverly Hills having dinner inside the Montage hotel. Laura and Common reportedly looked very happy as they dined together at Bouchon. The Daily Mail reported that Dern was very dressed up for the dinner date with Common. The couple looked very cozy as they happily chatted during the dinner date.

Hip Hollywood was quick to refute the story about Laura Dern and Common dating. They reported that a source close to Common denies that the rapper is getting romantic with Laura. The source (who hasn’t been identified) confirmed that Common and Dern did have dinner together at The Montage earlier this month. They even confirmed that Common has met Laura Dern’s children. They said the meetup wasn’t romantic though.

Instead, Hip Hollywood claims that Dern and Common worked on a movie together and their meeting was a friendly one. Is that the reason why the couple looked so happy together as they chatted away? Were Laura and Common just catching up, and was the very romantic-looking dinner date actually a meeting of friends?

Some are making an argument that Laura Dern and Common aren’t that odd of a matchup. Dern was married to Ben Harper for five years and they were together for a decade. Common and Ben Harper have a similar style and both are musicians, something Dern seems to appreciate. So why not a romance between Common and Laura?

Common has previously been linked to Erykah Badu, Taraji P. Henson, and Serena Williams. Dating Dern would be a change for the “I Used To Love Her” rapper, but it just might be happening. So what if Laura and Common recently shot a movie together? A lot of Hollywood couples connect on the set and it wouldn’t be too far-fetched for the pair to have developed feelings while working together.

It also makes sense that notoriously private people like Laura and Common would want to be known as just friends while getting to know each other in a romantic sense. So far, there are sources connected with Laura confirming the relationship, while sources connected with Common say that it’s all made up.

As for Common’s fans, the jury is out on whether this rumor is real or not. Many have said they wish Common had stayed with Serena Williams or Taraji P. Henson. Others have wished the rapper well in his pursuit of Jurrasic Park star Laura Dern.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]