Teens Bound And Gagged 76-Year-Old Man Before Dumping His Body In Canal

Tara Dodrill

A pair of teen boys admitted to binding, gagging and beating a 76-year-old man before wrapping a grocery bag around his head and tossing his body into a canal in Davie, Florida. Local police officers arrested Andarly Desir and Corey Weintraub (both 19) for William Norman's murder, NBC Miami reports. According to the Davie Police report, Norman's lifeless body was found floating though the canal by water management district employees.

When law enforcement officers arrived on scene they discovered a plastic grocery bag secured tightly around the victim's neck with a cord and duct tape over his mouth. Norman reportedly also had multiple lacerations on his left eye and forehead. His eyes were swollen shut and black and blue from the beating he sustained before his death. A box addressed to Norman's Tampa home, a tarp, piece of carpet, towel and a blanket were also found floating near the body, MSNBC reports.

Davie police officers ran the victim's name through a computer and discovered he also had a property in Tamarac. Upon arrival at the the second address police detective found a woman and a man leaving the home in Norman's car. Officers also found Weintraub inside Norman's home.

During their interview with the suspects, Weintraub confessed to beating, binding and gagging Norman and implicated Desir in the violent crime. The pair allegedly wrapped Norman in the items initially found floating nearby the body before placing him in the trunk of his own car and rolling his corpse into the canal. Desir was nabbed outside of a local Bank of America after tying to use Norman's bank card, he eventually confessed as well. Both young men are currently being held without bond pending a trial date.