Wiz Khalifa Turns Adele’s ‘Hello’ Into Stoner Anthem, Plus, Details On His New Album

Ever since Adele’s lead single “Hello” dropped last October, it seems like every big-name musician has attempted to cover the chart-topping song. Now it’s Wiz Khalifa’s turn.

Of course, the rapper had to put his own twist on it. Wiz Khalifa turned the emotional ballad into a song that weed lovers can relate to. The 28-year-old appeared on Los Angeles’ Power 106 to debut the song, which is called “Hello With a Twist.”

Things kicked off when radio host Mister Cap asked Wiz if he could write a beat to any song. “I have to feel it,” the rapper admitted. Then he played an instrumental version of Adele’s “Hello” for Wiz to freestyle along to, spawning the stoner anthem from the hip-hop artist.

“Roll one up and let’s get high,” the rapper spat. “I am trying to get fried.”

Check out Wiz Khalifa’s twist on Adele’s “Hello” in the video below.

After he gave his twist on the popular song, Khalifa named the track “Hella Os.” Khalif’s upcoming self-titled album, is expected to drop on Feb. 5.

The rapper recently teased the details of his new project along with his “Bake Sale” collaboration with fellow rapper Travi$ Scott. Just a few days ago, he shared the full track list of his new album.

  1. “BTS”
  2. “Celebrate” (feat. Rico Love)
  3. “Elevated”
  4. “City View” (feat. Courtney Noelle)
  5. “Cowboy”
  6. “Bake Sale” (feat. Travis Scott)
  7. “Call Waiting”
  8. “Make a Play”
  9. “Most of Us”
  10. “Zoney” (feat. Sebastian)
  11. “Lit” (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
  12. “No Permission” (feat Chevy Woods)
  13. “iSay” (feat. Juicy J)

Wiz Khalifa has also been sharing his thoughts on presidential candidate Donald Trump and the Oscars boycott that has been shaking up Hollywood. When it comes to the Donald, Wiz says that he doesn’t pay attention to his controversial remarks because he chooses to “operate on a different frequency.”

“I really don’t pay attention to all of that because I kind of operate on a different frequency. And I love all people. I’m a black man and I come from an urban community, so I know what it is to come up out of the struggle. And now I’m looked at differently because I have money. But I still get the same types of stereotypes. And I still feel the same way when I hear those things. But at the end of the day, I know that there’s bigger and better. So, when your mind is elevated and you think differently then I feel like that stuff doesn’t really matter to you. I’m really all about everybody coming together and getting along. Whether you’re black, white, or whatever it is. My cause is marijuana and peace and music.”

While Wiz Khalifa has had seven Grammy nominations in the span of his five-year career, he revealed to Billboard that he’s not set on winning awards, just on making good music for his fans. Khalifa’s No. 1 hit song with Charlie Puth, “See You Again,” lost at the Golden Globes and was snubbed at the Oscars. Because of his own personal snub, Khalifa says he stands by the #OscarsSoWhite controversy.

“I think the lack of diversity is clear. It’s the responsibility of us as a people, black people, to stand up for what we believe in – whether it be that you don’t pay attention or don’t care, or if you do then you show passion and you stand up and use your voice.”

What are your thoughts on Wiz Khalifa’s remix on Adele’s “Hello”? Do you agree with his statements about Donald Trump and the Oscars boycott? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for GQ Magazine]