Ammon Bundy Arrested: Two Shot As Oregon Standoff Militiaman Taken Into Custody [Breaking]

Ammon Bundy has been arrested after nearly a month of the Oregon militiamen’s standoff with federal authorities at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near the town of Bend.

UPDATE: While taking Ammon and six others into custody, police fatally shot one militiaman. One other is being treated for “non-life threatening” injuries, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting. Bundy was arrested alongside Ryan C. Bundy, Brian “Booda” Cavalier, Shawna Cox, and Ryan W. Payne.

The Oregonian‘s Live unit is reprinting information from local “self-styled” reporter Pete Santilli, who began revealing information about the Ammon arrest on social media Tuesday afternoon. Details of Bundy’s detention are still slowly making their way to the public, but Santilli claims that two people have been shot. He is currently waiting outside the hospital to identify them. You can view his breaking news coverage of the Ammon arrest below.

Ammon Bundy arrest might have been part of more Oregon violence
The face of the Oregon standoff, Ammon Bundy, was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon. What's next for the Oregon militiamen? (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Early information has indicated that a struggle broke out when the FBI attempted to arrest Bundy as he was traveling with a group of unnamed individuals, likely members of the militia. Oregon Live is also reporting that following the altercation with Ammon, the FBI told those still occupying the facility that they may now leave peacefully if they wish.

Bundy’s arrest comes on the tail of a Facebook video message that he posted to supporters of the Oregon militiamen. Just hours before police made their move, Ammon took to the social media site to further explain why the standoff was taking place. Bundy underlined that the group was in talks with local agencies to see how they could “transfer these lands over to them to begin using on their own.”

“This is public land, and there is multiple use rights, and so the rancher owns the grass, and he has the right to graze it. The hiker has the right to hike. The hunter has the right to hunt. The camper has the right to camp, and the birdwatcher has the right to birdwatch. What we’re doing is trying to do is protect all of us to make sure that the federal government does not restrict individuals from their rights — public or private.”

Ammon and the rest of the Oregon standoff crew have been controversial from the onset. While some sympathize with the militiamen’s message of asserting citizen public land use rights over government ownership, others have been less sympathetic — with some calling for arrests from the beginning. A number of Bundy’s critics sent in boxes of dildos and bags of penis-shaped gummy candy when the organization asked for supplies on Facebook.

In the video preceding his arrest, Ammon did, however, say that the Oregon standoff crew had received a warm reception from locals. He specifically thanked them while closing the video over “America the Beautiful.”

“Love the people here in Harney County. I have met so many good people. We are so grateful for the food and supplies that they have given us and how they have kept us and how they have fed us with barbecues. They have come and entertained us.”

Ammon Bundy under attest, perhaps other Oregon militiamen shot
The arrest of Ammon Bundy could spell the beginning of the end for the Oregon militiamen. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Bundy actually isn’t the first Oregon militiaman to be arrested. In mid-January, Kenneth Medenbach was surrounded by police at a local Safeway location after making a trip into town. He was reportedly driving a stolen government vehicle from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, reported the Guardian.

Check back to this article for more updates on the Ammon Bundy arrest and the future of the Oregon militiamen standoff.

[Image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]