Ex Scientologist: Cruise Was Church ‘Top Recruit’

Apparently America (and perhaps the world) cannot get enough of the Tom Cruise – Scientology saga. Former Scientologists and personal staffers linked to the famous actor continue continue share their alleged insight into Cruise’s transformation within the controversial church even though Cruise and estranged wife Katie Holmes have reached a divorce agreement. The quick and quiet arrangement appears designed to keep little Suri Cruise from being exposed to anything Scientology related. Today former Scientology Commanding Officer of the Church’s Celebrity Centre Karen Pressley claimed Tom Cruise was a Church of Scientology “top recruit” during a CNN interview.

Pressley stated during the interview that “there was no bigger recruit than Tom Cruise.” Cruise joined the Church of Scientology in 1986, Pressley held her position in the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood from 1987 to 1989.

“My job was to ensure that celebrities were recruited, that celebrities were well serviced within our organization, and also to open up new celebrity centers around the world,” Pressley revealed to CNN. “Is there a bigger name than Tom Cruise? We called him TC.”

Cruise is just one of several well-known celebrity members of the Church of Scientology. CNN reports that John Travolta, Kelly Preston, KirstieAlley and Jenna Elfman are also followers of the L. Ron Hubbard dictates. It is not known if Katie Holmes officially joined the church while married to Cruise.

The Celebrity Centres open for public tours and the Hollywood center offers both a Sunday brunch and classes for those considering Scientology, the church website notes. Pressley also contends that celebrity “perks” include a VIP lounge, private entrances and “course rooms.” During her 16 years as a member of the Church of Scientology Pressley claims that Brad Pitt and Demi Moore were also actively recruited, but the never became members.

The former Church of Scientology staffer stated during the CNN interview that she is afraid for her safety now that she is speaking out against the church. Pressley also maintains members do not have the “freedom” to just walk out, that they must get “permission” and complete “an intensive security check, interrogation procedure” before exit approval is granted.