Tom Cruise’s Former Scientology Counselor Blames The Religion’s Leader For The Actors Failed Marriages

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may have settled their divorce and custody battle quickly and quietly, but speculation about the role Cruise’s devotion to Scientology played in his third failed marriage is still making headlines. Perhaps Holmes and Cruise put the needs of their daughter Suri ahead of their own and simply chose not to air their dirty laundry in public for dissection by the masses. Even if the quickie divorce and stringent custody agreement was a selfless act by two loving parents, the public is still dying to peek under the curtain of Scientology, curious about the controversial religion which may have pulled TOMKAT apart.

Cruise’s former personal counselor in Scientology Mark ‘Marty’ Rathbun’s special report to the New York Daily News casts more than a few stones in Scientology’s supreme leader David Miscavige’s direction. According to Rathbun’s article, he served as a “personal counselor” to Tom Cruise for eight years before he left Scientology behind. He claims to have witnessed Miscavige’s “meddling” in in Tom Cruise’s earlier marriages – first to Mimi Rogers and then to Nicole Kidman. Miscavige was the best man at Cruise’s wedding to Katie Holmes in 2006.

“I know the players involved and it’s clear to me that Cruise has capitulated this time around. That’s how I read the joint statement issued Monday by Cruise and Holmes. He’s not trying to have complete control of their 6-year-old daughter, Suri, and her upbringing. Though that’s certainly not what he wanted,” Rathbun’s report in the New York Daily News notes.

The former Scientologist goes on to note that “respecting each others beliefs” as the Cruise-Holmes media release reads, it not allowed in Scientology. Rathbun claims that Cruise is prohibited from respecting others beliefs if he’s going to raise Suri in Scientology, “there’s no neutral ground,” the former Cruise counselor notes.

Cruise is has definitely been fortunate in his career, but has not been lucky in love. Whether or not Cruise’s inability to find a lifetime companion stems from a rift over Scientology practices, choosing the wrong woman or the actor’s inability to live in long term harmony with a spouse is a question only the Mission Impossible star can answer – and he’s not talking.

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