Katie Holmes Used Disposable Cell Phone To Hide Tom Cruise Divorce

Katie Holmes was going to take no chances that her divorce to Tom Cruise would hit a bumpy road and to ensure her ducks were in a row she reportedly used a disposable cell phone obtained through a friend.

According to a source at People Katie did not want a long drawn out divorce so she used a disposable cell phone to call friends, family and her lawyers, ensuring that her calls would not be spied on by Tom and his confidants, many of whom reside inside the Church of Scientology.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Katie Holmes also used the cell phone to speak with and hire lawyers in three different states, to move into her new apartment and to secretly speak with anyone else who could help her with the legal battle that would ensue.

The Chicago Sun-Times learned from another source that the disposable cell phone was Katie Holmes’ idea and that she was careful to keep Tom Cruise out of the loop until she eventually phoned him to announce the divorce.

The couple’s marriage which insiders say was on the outs for the last year led Tom and Katie to cover the security cameras in their swanky hotel room, sources say it was to hide the fact that they were sleeping in separate rooms.

In the meantime Katie Holmes’ approach appears to have worked, the couple agreed to a quickie settlement that will allow Suri Cruise to stay in New York City with her mom while Tom Cruise is expected to pay out nearly $40 million, mostly in child support, while also creating a trust fund for Suri Cruise.