Bloody Donald Trump Video Game — Trump Got You Frustrated? There’s A Game For That

Does Donald Trump have you frustrated? There’s a game for that. Software designers have created what seems to be a stress reliever for Donald Trump opposition.

It’s bewildering to some people that Donald Trump is the presidential frontrunner for the Republican party. However, it seems that Trump’s opposition has found a way to let off some steam. It’s a bit violent, but at the same time, didn’t Donald just mention “shooting someone”?

According to Breitbart, the game basically tosses an “army” of Donald Trumps your way, and you have to eliminate them “whack-a-mole” style. Yet, it’s not with a mallet. Essentially, to win, you have to drop tree trunks on the Trump army.

When you drop a trunk on a “Trump,” it gets quite gory. The Donald Trump video game isn’t for kids, to say the least. Called “Stump the Trump,” it’s a browser game. Breitbart describes it as follows.

“If you’re particularly skilled, you can even hit multiple Trumps with a single stump. The more Trumps you stop, the higher your score – although if you let one through, it’s game over.

“The game depicts Trump’s death in cartoonishly gory detail. Once hit, Trump is immediately squashed into a pool of blood, and the candidate’s limbs go flying everywhere.”


As you know, this presidential candidate has made some very harsh and rather-abusive comments during his campaign. How can so many people within the American public wish to put in office someone so callous?

If you remember Selina Scott’s 1995 “Donald Trump” profile, she mentioned that he was “extremely abusive” and “pathetic.” And after her piece on Trump, she stated that he mentally stalked her. In her piece, The Mad World of Donald Trump, she said as follows.

“Basically, he had lost control and basically because I think that because he realized he couldn’t charm me into portraying him the way he wanted to be portrayed. He called me a loser, he said that I was sleazy, that I had come on to him, asking for dates.”

It’s almost as if Donald Trump — as a businessman does — goes with what works and dumps what doesn’t. Likewise, there are the many times he’s recanted his words during his campaign. For instance, one minute, he says “Mexican people are lazy and don’t belong here [America].” After a huge backlash, in the next minute, it’s “I love the Mexican people.”

Moreover, in his own campaign, Donald Trump has mentioned that — when he started — he didn’t believe he’d get anywhere with the campaign. Essentially, Trump was only playing the “publicity” game.

Nevertheless, in a CNN interview with Larry King, circa 1999, Donald stated that the Republican party was too right-winged for his personal and political tastes. Likewise, he mentioned that the Democratic party was too far left. Verbatim, Trump quoted as follows.

“I’m a registered Republican. I’m a pretty conservative guy. I’m somewhat liberal on social issues, especially health care, et cetera, but I’d be leaving another party, and I’ve been close to that party.

“I think that nobody is really hitting it right. The Democrats are too far left. I mean, Bill Bradley, this is seriously left; he’s trying to come a little more center, but he’s seriously left. The Republicans are too far right. And I don’t think anybody’s hitting the cord, not the cord that I want hear, and not the cord that other people want to hear, and I’ve seen it.

“Plus, I think there’s a great lack of spirit in this country. You know, what happened over the last four years is disgusting, and I just think there’s a tremendous lack of spirit, and I think the spirit has to be brought back.”

Although Donald Trump’s slogan is “make America great again,” what spirit is he intending to bring back to this country? If you’ve seen from Donald’s campaign rallies, many of his particular supporters show a certain “spirit” of past American times.

What are your thoughts about Donald Trump, his supporters, their agendas, and the video game? Feel free to share your feelings in the comments.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images; Stump the Trump]