Baby Born at 7-Eleven, All the Best Birth Plans Include a Coke Slurpee

Kim LaCapria

A baby born at a 7-Eleven in Florida is doing well, and his parents are quite amused at the tyke's impatient and interesting entrance into the world.

The baby born at a 7-Eleven on June 23rd had been en route to the hospital with parents Chad and Tye Malley when he essentially started asking, "are we there yet?" Mom Tye initially thought the pair would have plenty of time to get to their destination, but baby Cais had other plans.

The baby born at 7-Eleven's hasty arrival began when Tye's water broke two blocks away from her house. By the time she and Chad reached the Palm Bay 7-Eleven, Cais was ready to make an entrance in the car's backseat of the Malley family's 2007 Ford Expedition.

Tye and Chad are parents to a 6-year-old and a 2-year-old already, so Tye was able to tell after her water broke that things were moving rather quickly. While not always a signal that baby arrival is imminent, Tye soon found herself giving birth in the 7-Eleven parking lot while onlookers watched.

She explains that her baby was insistent on being born at the 7-Eleven:

"I started to get panicky at that moment. I just knew that we weren't going to make it... I kept yelling at [Chad], 'Baby's coming. Pull over!' You know, he's yelling at me, 'Don't push! Whatever you do, don't push!'"

Mom and son were taken to the hospital finally, and weighing in at nearly 10 pounds, the baby born at 7-Eleven has been nicknamed "Big Gulp."