Christian Grey Composite Sketch Reveals ’50 Shades of Grey’ Hero’s Rugged, Rapisty Looks

Kim LaCapria - Author

Jun. 15 2013, Updated 10:00 p.m. ET

The Christian Grey composite sketch might — if you, like me, have not read the viral hit mommy porn book 50 Shades of Grey — put you off your millionaire dom fantasies.

The Christian Grey composite was meant to give women a face to put to the description of a male lead in book, the likes of which has not been revered since just before Robert Pattinson gave Edward Cullen a solid visual for Twilight fans everywhere. (And of course, it bears mentioning that the BDSM-light saga that is the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy actually began its life as a Twilight fanfic — so female fans really are serious about digging on the slightly older, creepy and predatory dude romantic lead.)

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So perhaps the Christian Grey composite sketch won’t be all that creepy to fans of the book who, let’s face it, don’t seem to have very much of a problem at all with creepy. Of course, the problem is, many of us associate composite sketches — culled from one or many verbal descriptions of a person’s appearance — with criminals, murderers and molesters. You know, like a 100+ years old dude who decides to still hang out in high school all the time.

The Christian Grey composite was based upon the descriptions of a handful of women who’d read the book, and their impressions of what Christian Grey might look like. Interestingly, it appears that readers of the book are about as derivative as its writer — the 12 women Dr. Faye Skelton of the University of Central Lancashire in England consulted to create the sketch used famous faces like Brad Pitt, Patrick Dempsey, Channing Tatum, David Beckham and Johnny Depp to craft the Christian Grey composite.

So, pic above — does this Christian Grey composite match the billionaire hottie in your head, or do you too just think he looks like a bargain basement Kirk Cameron?


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