Jack In The Box Waffle Sandwich Combines Three Breakfast Options Into One Portable Meal

Do you want waffles? Eggs? Breakfast sausage? Why not all three. The new Jack in the Box Waffle Sandwich, available for a limited time, aims to solve those pesky morning questions with one super breakfast item.

Tracy Dunn, director of menu marketing and promotions for Jack in the Box Inc., said in a press release:

“Jack in the Box is combining three popular breakfast choices—waffles, egg and our new country-grilled sausage—to create a distinctive, craveable sandwich that is easy to eat on the go…. Our new Breakfast Waffle Sandwich is the perfect balance of sweet and savory.”

According to the Slideshow, the Jack In The Box Waffle Sandwich will cost $2.79 plus tax and will be available anytime of day. The new item contains 479 calories, and 33 grams of fat.

Jack In The Box isn’t the first restaurant to get rid of that pesky bread. McDonald’s currently offers the McGriddle, which uses pancakes for bed, and KFC got rid of the bun completely by using two pieces of fried chicken as a replacement for bread in its Double Down sandwich. Taco Bell also recently replaced the taco shell with Doritos.

The Jack In the Box Waffle Sandwich hit stores this week and is available for a limited time.