So Malaysia Thinks Blocking a Website Can Silence an Opposition

Duncan Riley

Blocking a website in this time and age is just so idiotic. No matter how you block one, it will appear endlessly.

I am saying this because Malaysia is in the news blocking access to Malaysia Today, a website that often carries anti-government articles and run by Raja Petra Kamarudin.

The Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission has ordered all local Internet service providers to block Kamarudin's website, who early this year was charged with sedition for allegedly implying that Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak was involved in the gruesome murder of a Mongolian woman.

The governing agency contends that published contents in Malaysia Today were defamatory and slanderous to other people.

Malaysia should understand that blocking is not the solution. Blocking will only heat up the voice not only of Kamarudin but also of others.

Besides, the site will remain accessible, like in .