North Korea Spreads Unauthorized Disney Cheer

North Korea, a nation that’s known around the globe for its censorship has decided to spread cheer to the 24 million people by showing Disney’s most well-known characters. On Monday, North Korea’s new leader Kim Jon-un spread some cheer by showing footage of Disney’s signature characters dancing in costumes in front of a live audience of clapping generals.
According to the New York Times, the newspaper reported that the footage that was shown reportedly had Mr. Kim in a black Mao suit watching intently as the signature Disney character, Mickey Mouse, conducted a group of youthful women who played violins in black barely there dresses. Splices of scenes from Disney classics like Dumbo, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were also projected on various screens behind the live entertainers.

North Korea, who usually shows somber and more reflective shows like political programs, showed the characters that have a clear presence in the United States, which is a nation still considered as an enemy to North Korea. A Disney spokesperson, Zenia Mucha, didn’t have an additional comment when asked what she thought on Monday, but did have this to say, “This was not licensed or authorized by the Walt Disney Co.”

Whether this was shown to the repressed people in the form of irony is not exactly known, nor is it known if this will happen again, but according to the New York Times, The Kim family does have an affection for the Disney Corporation. In 2001 it was said that the new leader’s elder brother, Kim Jong-nam was detailed while trying to visit Tokyo Disneyland due to a bad passport.

Do you think showing Disney is a step in the right direction for North Korea?

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