UFO Caught On Video Investigating Jet Chemtrails Over El Cajon, California

A witness from El Cajon in San Diego, California, reports detecting a mysterious UFO in a video of an ascending jet he recorded. He noticed the UFO while reviewing the video long after he recorded it.

He confirmed the presence of a UFO in the video by slowing it down and capturing still frames that show the UFO flying past the jet’s contrails.

Some conspiracy theorists have suggested the jet’s trails are not normal contrails, but chemtrails, and that the UFO was likely investigating to determine why the plane was spraying toxic chemical agents.

Chemtrails conspiracy theorists are saying that this video is proof that aliens are aware of government chemtrails.

According to the witness in a testimony filed as Case 73895 in the archives of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), he was preparing to go to work at about 11:30 a.m., on January 14, 2016, when he observed a jet flying up into the clouds.

There was something about the plane that caught the witness’ attention. He began filming the aircraft as it ascended until it disappeared from sight.

He said he did not notice anything unusual at the time.

He was reviewing the video with his girlfriend after he came back from work later in the day, when he caught a glimpse of a strange object flashing across the screen close to the jet. His girlfriend also noticed the UFO.

The witness was surprised he had not noticed the fast-moving UFO while filming the flying jet.

“It was at about 0:10-0:11 seconds into the video when I saw an object pass extremely fast from the right side of the video and head to the left side of the video,” he reported.

“It was at about 0:10-0:11 seconds into the video when I saw an object pass extremely fast from the right side of the video to the left…”

He was able to confirm the presence of a UFO in the video by slowing it down and taking still frames.

“I took screenshots to analyze it a bit better. It looks like something I’ve never seen. Not a bug or bird,” the witness said.

Because he was unable to identify the object, he uploaded the footage to YouTube so that others could look at it and make suggestions.

Are these chemtrails in the sky?
Persistent contrails in the sky could be chemtrails, say conspiracy theorists [Image via Minesweeper/Wikimedia/Public Domain]
“When I saw it more clearly I was excited and sort of skeptical,” the witness said, “but I then uploaded it to YouTube so my friends and family can see it and give me their opinion and most said it was definitely a UFO.”

The video sparked a debate among UFO enthusiasts on YouTube. While most agreed the video showed a UFO, there were various opinions about what sort of UFO it was and a lot of attention was focused on the jet’s contrails.

“Wow!! Incredible catch.”

“It’s not a contrail, but poisonous [chemtrail]. UFOs often follow death planes.”

The video appears to show a UFO flying past the jet’s contrails. Some skeptics suggested that something — a bug or a rock — had flown across the frame. Others declared the video was a hoax.

“Wow! An insect flew across your frame! Amazing!”

“Nice hornet!”

“Looks like somebody threw a rock through the field of view. Hoax.”

Many UFO believers and enthusiasts were convinced the video was authentic.

Some viewers said the UFO looks like a classic flying saucer with a bulging center. A viewer suggested that the jet’s contrails were actually chemtrails and that having detected the fact, curious aliens in the UFO were investigating why the plane was spraying toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.

Conspiracy theorists claim chemtrails are long-lasting jet contrails consisting of toxic chemicals or biological agents which government agencies deliberately spray in the air for various, undisclosed sinister reasons.

According to chemtrails conspiracy theorists, one way to distinguish contrails from chemtrails is that chemtrails do not dissipate as quickly as ordinary contrails.

According to UFO Sightings Daily’s Scott’s Waring, UFOs often fly close to man-made jets presumably out of curiosity. Waring claims he has detected UFOs flying close to planes in the past.

“UFOs monitor the closest things to them, and things that fly interest them a lot,” he writes. “I have tried similar techniques of recording planes and have caught UFOs fly past a few times. It is more common [than] you know.”

The witness finally decided to contact MUFON to investigate the case. MUFON is an organization that documents and investigates reports of UFO sightings from around the world.

“I’m not sure what it is, but I want to share this video with MUFON and maybe I can get an answer or maybe you guys can have more evidence of real UFOs,” the witness said in his report to MUFON. “This is not faked or tampered in any way. I appreciate your time.”

MUFON has said it is investigating the video.

[Image via Arpingstone/Wikimedia/Public Domain]