Black Panthers Chairman Shabazz Claims Democrats Are Using Black People Like ‘Whores’ [video]

New Black Panther (NBP) Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz unleashed an emphatic speech about the Democratic Party on BP radio. According to excerpts of the Shabazz speech republished on The Blaze, the New Black Panther’s leader asked his listeners if their concerns are being addressed by the Democratic Party or if they are “being used like a whore.” Shabazz also stated that “mainstream whites are talking about our country’s decline” and later calls the nation a “modern Babylon and a modern Rome.”

“Can the Democratic Party really save us, locally and nationally, or are we just holding on because we ain’t got nothing better? Are we just being fired up for this election, to go out here and give some votes, and all of the core concerns of the black community will be thrown to the side when November gets passed,” Shabazz stated during his New Blank Panthers radio address. “We don’t want to be ued like whores and prostitutes, we have to pay attention – we have to take charge of our post, accept our own and be ourselves, and stop jiving in bullshit.”

Shabazz detailed his “grievances” with the Democratic Party by citing the rights of ex-felons, whites moving into black neighborhoods and gentrification as “letdown” issues. Shabazz was born Paris Lewis and is a licenses attorney and public speaker. His father, James Lewis, was a follower of the Muslim faither and was killed under “mysterious circumstances when Shabazz was just a child. He ran an unsuccessful campaign for a seat on the Washington D.C. City Council and founded the Black Lawyers for Justice organization.