Ryan Braun Wins Drug Test Appeal, Avoids 50-Game Suspension

Monday was a big day for reigning National League MVP Ryan Braun after he averted a 50-game suspension when an arbitrator overturned a positive drug test result.

Thanks to that decision Braun will be batting third at Kauffman Stadium for the National League during the 83rd All-Star Game.

Braun has racked up 24 home runs with a .306 batting average this season, a great performance that was almost sidelined after a drug test over the Winter found an elevated level of testosterone in Braun’s system.

After the arbitrator handed down the decision Ryan Braun said of the ordeal:

“I dealt with some things that I hadn’t dealt with before that made it that much more challenging. It’s definitely something I’m proud of.

“I said from the very beginning that the single best thing I could do to move on was to have success and do some of the same things I’ve done.”

Braun admits he likely will not repeat his NL MVP position this year, casting his vote for Pittsburgh Pirates out fielder Andrew McCutchen. While Braun is having a stellar season his Milwaukee Brewers sit in fourth place nit he NL Central with a 40-45 losing record.

As Braun puts it the MVP should be chosen based on a team’s success, he tells USA Today:

“The main reason I won the award last year is that our team had more success than the Dodgers had. I honestly thought that Matt had a better season than I had, but because our team ultimately got to the postseason, I think that was the difference. And I think it should be a difference.”

Are you surprised that Ryan Braun won his positive drug test appeal?