‘Rocket League’ Season 2 Details Revealed, Current Ranks Will Be Soft Reset

The first season of Rocket League is winding up after much success on the PlayStation 4 and PC. Developer Psyonix is now looking forward to Season 2 of the destruction derby-meets-soccer hybrid and is starting by changing how the game’s ranking system works.

Rocket League Season 2 will take off when the next patch is released in February. Community Specialist Josh Watson laid out the changes coming with the new season in a Steam update posted Friday.

“The aim of Season 2 is to de-emphasize the importance of single wins or losses and put the focus where it belongs — consistently playing well and improving your game over time (not stressing over individual losses),” Watson wrote.

To start, ranked play will be named “Competitive Matchmaking” in Rocket League Season 2 to clearly differentiate between casual matchmaking in the playlists. Additionally, Rank Points are being removed in favor of standing being determined by players’ in-game Skill Rating.

The Skill Rating will determine which division Rocket League competitive players will be placed in. Psyonix has scrapped the existing Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum division with an all-new system. Player’s will be required to play 10 competitive matches when Season 2 starts to determine their skill rating and place them in one of the following titles and divisions.

Rocket League Season 2 Divisions and Titles (PS4, Xbox One, PC) [Image via Psyonix]That does mean Psyonix is resetting player rankings for Season 2. However, division placement during Season 1 will heavily influence division placement for the new season, so it is unlikely top tier players will fall much, if at all, if they perform badly during the placement matches.

Watson went on to explain that promotion and demotion between divisions wil work differently in Season 2.

“You will be promoted into a division after your skill has risen consistently to the next division up. Once promoted, you won’t risk immediate demotion for losing a game or two,” he said.

Additionally, there is no longer a limit on the number of players that can fill Rocket League‘s top division. As long as a player’s skill rating is high enough, they will be placed there.

The Rocket League leaderboard will still hang around though. The players in the top 100 of each division will appear on leaderboards in the game.

Rocket League players can also look forward to Season 1 rewards to be handed out when the new patch goes live in February. Psyonix announced that those in the “Bronze” Division or higher will receive Limited Edition Crowns with Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum variants that can be equipped as Toppers on cars.

The patch is bringing other changes too including the following item quality tags.

  • Common (Grey) – Stock items. All the items you’ve come to love!
  • Premium (Green) – Items acquired from paid DLC
  • Limited (Orange) – Items acquired in seasonal or limited time promotional events, like Halloween.

An all Uncommon level is also being added with the February patch. This class will feature all-new Toppers and Antennas to equip that can be earned simply from playing Rocket League. The more the game is played, the more Uncommon items will drop.

Rocket League Sunset Overdrive Items (Xbox One) Rocket League Sunset Overdrive exclusive Xbox One items. [Image via Insomniac Games]Xbox One owners should expect to see Rocket League released to the console at around the same time as the February patch is released. That’s the most logical time to ensure all three platforms are running at the same patch level from the outset.

Rocket League on Xbox One will launch with the Supersonic Furty, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Chaos Run DLC packs along with Halo and Gears of War vehicles for $19.99, as Inquisitr reported. Additionally, Insomniac Games revealed Sunset Overdrive items featuring Fizzie and the Overcharge bubbles will be featured in the game as well.

[Image via Psyonix]