One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Shows Again That The Small Things Matter

Louis Tomlinson may well be putting his feet up and breathing a sigh of relief that he has not been the subject of press negativity for the past few days. One Direction star Louis has had way more than his fair share of adverse headlines in the past few months. For reasons unknown, Tomlinson has been portrayed as a deadbeat dad, a drunk, and a womanizer who dumped his pregnant girlfriend to run off with an actress. It seemed that anti-Tomlinson rhetoric stepped up after the Sun printed its infamous article in October.

In that article, the Sun accused Louis of being the primary cause of One Direction’s forthcoming hiatus. Since then, it has been open season on 24-year-old Louis. One has to wonder why Tomlinson has drawn such negativity from some sections of the media. Tomlinson’s generosity and kindness are legendary. Back in August, the Mirror reported that Louis had donated $3 million of his own money to help Believe In Magic, a charity supporting children with serious and terminal illness. With the help of bandmate Liam Payne and his mother, Johanna Deakin, Tomlinson helped the Cinderella-themed ball raise over $7.5 million for the charity.

The figures that Tomlinson has helped raise is impressive but Tomlinson’s contribution goes much further than cash. Louis’ much more impressive contribution is something worth far more that money. As important as cash is for charities, it is Tomlinson’s caring nature, kindness, and human decency that really sets Louis apart.

Last week, it was reported by the Inquisitr how Louis and Johanna Deakin had reached out to support the family of 9-year-old Harvey Hext. Little Harvey was very ill with childhood cancer neuroblastoma. Not only were Harvey and his family Louis’ guests at the Cinderella Ball, Louis also had the family put up in one of London’s premiere hotels and ensured their every need was met. Louis also left personal gifts for the family.

When One Direction played their shows at London’s O2 Arena, the Hext family were once again Tomlinson’s guests. Again, Louis ensured that the family had a weekend they will never forget. Louis showed just how kind and thoughtful he is by ensuring that very personal gifts were left for Harvey and his twin brother, Spencer. Harvey’s mum sent a message showing the boys singing One Direction songs in the car during their journey to London. By the time the Hext family arrived at their hotel, Louis had arranged for microphones to be left on the boys beds as a very personal memento.

Those little gifts may not have been expensive, but Tomlinson’s thoughtfulness and kindness were beyond price to little Harvey.

If you are in any doubt as to Tomlinson’s generosity of spirit, simply take a look at his timeline on Twitter. A quick scan will show you that, more than anything else, Tomlinson posts messages about the people who have touched his life. You will see Louis’ tribute to little Harvey and a host of posts about other people he has come into contact with through his charity work.

Sugarscape report that Louis has once again taken to social media to pay tribute to someone who touched his life. One fan, Magda Szablinska, died from heart failure two years ago. Magda was the brains behind one of the first One Direction fan update Twitter accounts. As you can see above, at the time of her death, Louis shared his condolences to Magda’s family. It is the mark of the man that Tomlinson has shown that he has not forgotten Magda. On the second anniversary of magma’s death, Louis posted a simple and thoughtful message remembering Magda and her family.

How many celebrities would remember the anniversary of the death of a fan, someone he barely knew? The fact that Tomlinson not only remembered but shared the memory with his fans tells you that Louis Tomlinson is a very special young man.

In case you were wondering, the first picture in this article shows Louis with 13-year-old Olivia Hext. Louis posted it the day after little Harvey Hext passed away.

[Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]