Leah Rothman Facebook Photos — Dr. Phil Lawsuit By 12-Year Ex-Employee: ‘If You F*** With Me, I’ll F*** With You’

Leah Rothman has filed a lawsuit against Dr. Phil, Leah’s former boss of 12 years. As such, typing “Leah Rothman” into Google shows the search engine suggesting terms like “Facebook” and “photos” to be added to Rothman’s name, because apparently people want to get a look at Leah. Rothman’s Facebook page shows the kind of segment director speak that Leah would’ve had to use during her Dr. Phil Show days, that is, until McGraw’s behavior reportedly caused Leah to quit in a fit of stress that is now being deemed “constructive termination,” according to Leah’s lawsuit, reports TMZ.

There are no hints of the malcontent on Rothman’s Facebook page about her Dr. Phil run-ins, even if there are a few Dr. Phil Show workers who are Leah’s Facebook friends. On Leah’s Facebook photo from September 15, 2010, at 12:34 p.m., Rothman responded to another Facebook comment, which noted how much of a “ham” Rothman appears to be — fun and free and dancing in a red dress. That would’ve fallen during the reign of time Rothman worked for Dr. Phil. Leah remarked on Facebook that the version of Rothman is the one that comes out after primary “a-roll” footage is turned in, and those Dr. Phil transcripts are read — even if Leah didn’t write the good doctor’s name on Facebook. (Update: Rothman’s Facebook page has removed photos of Leah that were present upon original publication of this article. The three Facebook friends of Leah’s who claimed their positions at the Dr. Phil Show on Facebook have now dwindled to one of Rothman’s Facebook friends still claiming Dr. Phil Show employment.)

“Leah Rothman: That is the woman who comes out after transcripts are read and A-rolls are turned in. smile emoticon”

However, Leah is speaking out quite a bit through her lawsuit against Dr. Phil. According to Rothman’s lawsuit, Dr. Phil sequestered more than 300 Dr. Phil Show employees in a room and tried to snuff out who was the mole leaking stories to the press about the Dr. Phil Show. The 65-year-old Phil used cue cards, reports the New York Daily News about Leah’s lawsuit, to prompt himself about what to say to the Dr. Phil Show staff after Rothman was summoned to the Dr. Phil Show set on Leah’s day off.

Dr. Phil fans can almost hear the Texas good old boy southern drawl of what Rothman’s lawsuit alleges McGraw said to the security guarded crowd.

“If you f*** with me, I’ll f*** with you.”

Like Dr. Phil often says in his “Phil-orisms,” no matter how flat a pancake is, it always has two sides. The problem is, Dr. Phil hasn’t responded to Leah’s lawsuit publicly as of this writing. And with Rothman’s long-time status on the Dr. Phil Show, Leah’s lawsuit is gaining credibility in the eyes of the public.

When Leah updated her profile picture on Facebook on May 4, 2014, one of Rothman’s friends on Facebook noted how young and refreshed she looked whilst on hiatus, presumably from the Dr. Phil Show.

“Adorable. You look about 13. Hiatus always makes you younger… have fun!”

On her LinkedIn page, a photo of Leah is the same one Rothman has on her Facebook photos page. Among Rothman’s Facebook friends, at least three of Leah’s buddies as of this writing list themselves as employees of Dr. Phil. Now that Leah’s lawsuit has been made public in a big TMZ-kind of way, one wonders how many Facebook friends will back the ex-Dr. Phil Show employee — or side with tell-it-like-it-is-Phil, as Oprah Winfrey used to call Dr. Phil when she thrust him onto the world.

  • Resource Director at Dr. Phil
  • Producer/Writer at Dr. Phil
  • Editor at Dr. Phil

Rothman’s lawsuit alleged that Dr. Phil didn’t have to terrorize the Dr. Phil Show employees with a litany of expletives and threats, because Leah said Dr. Phil knew which Dr. Phil Show worker had already leaked info to the media. Leah’s lawsuit claims Dr. Phil was simply ruling by fear and had planned the scary intervention. Rothman reportedly tried to get HR help, but HR must’ve been scared of the “good old boy from Texas,” too, because HR did nothing. Rothman quit her job last year under the stress of Dr. Phil’s management style.

Leah says Dr. Phil threatened Rothman and all the Dr. Phil Show employees in the room with FBI involvement, since the leaked info was transferred across state lines.

In light of this PR nightmare for Dr. Phil, it appears McGraw should’ve taken a simple cue from Kim Kardashian about how to snuff out a mole in one’s circle. Kim simply told her friends different stories, and whichever one made it to the press helped Kardashian realize the specific friend that was leaking stories.

Dr. Phil could’ve had a spreadsheet of about 300 different stories, and assigned each of the 300 or so Dr. Phil Show employees to a “top secret” task for a future show, and have sworn each of the 300 employees to the highest level of secrecy. McGraw could’ve calmly instructed his employees not to tell another living, breathing soul about their specific show task — not even family members or friends. The show ideas that made it to the press could’ve then led Dr. Phil to get closer to any moles and deal with them appropriately — like when Dr. Phil fired a worker who leaked the Nick Gordon story, reports the New York Daily News. That way, there would be no lawsuits alleging cursing, yelling, and security guards reportedly locking Dr. Phil Show employees in a room.

People reveals snippets from Rothman’s lawsuit that don’t look good for Dr. Phil, especially in light of Dr. Phil’s church-mouse silence at this point — and Leah’s long-term status as a Dr. Phil Show employee for 12 years. If other Dr. Phil Show employees corroborate Rothman’s experiences with Dr. Phil, Leah’s Facebook photos might show a whole lot more pics of Rothman in exotic locales, courtesy of the monies won from Dr. Phil.

“[Leah was] experiencing emotional distress from the verbal assault of Dr. Phil which was magnified by the confined space…”

“[Rothman] saw cue cards in Dr. Phil’s hands.”

“[Leah] claims the Executive in Charge of Production told her Phil got joy out of the process and in scaring his employees.”

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