Girls Had 'Best Sex Ever' With Aliens, Gave Birth To Alien Hybrid Babies [Video]

Bridget Nielsen and Aluna Verse are two members of a growing community of women who claim to have had sex with aliens and given birth to alien hybrid babies on alien motherships stationed in space.

The women claim that an alien race is involved in a project to create an improved alien hybrid species or race that would soon replace humanity. They also claim that thousands of women worldwide have been recruited to participate in the alien eugenics program to create a new human-alien hybrid species. However, many women who have been taken to have sex with aliens are not even aware of it.

Bridget Nielsen and Aluna Verse claim they have babies fathered by alien lovers. But like many other members of the growing "Hybrid Baby Community," they are unable to show their alien babies to back up their claims because the alien offspring were born aboard alien UFO starships in space and the alien dads have not allowed their alien hybrid children to visit Earth and stay with their human moms.

Not all female members of the "Hybrid Baby Community" claim to have had physical sexual relations with aliens. Some claim that aliens abducted them and harvested their DNA to create a human-alien hybrid race. Others claim that aliens abducted them, harvested their eggs, and fertilized them artificially with alien sperm to create human-alien hybrid children.

In some cases, the aliens harvested the human eggs they needed remotely. Nielsen, for instance, once saw an alien UFO whizzing overhead and immediately felt a dull ache in her ovaries, indicating that the aliens in the UFO had snatched eggs from her body.

Nielsen, 27, formerly a marketing professional, who lives with her father in Sedona, Arizona, claims she had physical sex with aliens and produced 10 alien hybrid babies with her alien lovers -- four boys and six girls.

She claims she lost one of her alien babies.

She describes sex with aliens as "best sex I ever had," literally an "out of this world" experience.

"It [the sex] was a great. It was an incredible super primal, super raw, super primal sexual experience," she enthuses. "There was a really freedom and we were really going for it. It was the best sex I ever had."

"It was an incredible super primal, super raw, super primal sexual experience."
When asked why she is unable to show credible evidence of her sexual relations with aliens -- evidence such as photos of her pregnancy, photos of her alien hybrid babies and lovers or show one of her 10 alien hybrid babies physically -- she explained that aliens do not force themselves on human women but only abduct willing human females for sex and procreation. According to Nielsen, the aliens insist on keeping the babies because they are involved in a eugenics project to create a hybrid alien race to improve humanity.

Aliens would soon wipe out humanity and replace them with an improved alien hybrid race, Nielsen claims.

"They are not just taking our children -- they are creating a hybrid race to better humanity," she explains.

According to Nielsen, the aliens focus on people from selected families or gene pools and they prefer younger to older women.

Despite being unable to show physical evidence of her sexual relations with aliens, Nielsen has created several sketches that show what her alien hybrid children look like.

Observers note the prominent reptilian features of Nielsen's alleged alien hybrid children, which include large reptilian heads and huge black eyes.

Expressing regret that she is unable to live with her alien hybrid children on Earth, Nielsen said, "There is sadness because you can't be with them. We believe there may be hundreds of thousands of women across the world who have hybrid babies, they just don't know about them."

She also laments that her decision to talk about having sex and babies with aliens has made it difficult for her to find a human partner. It has also jeopardized her career opportunities as a marketing professional.

A reptilian alien?
A reptilian alien husband? [Image via Shutterstock]She admitts that it has ruined her relationship with her parents who reject her claim.

"I don't really have normal relationships any more. This has become my normal. I know people who are married or have boyfriends and when they tell them it goes down badly," she said.

Aluna Verse, a 23-year-old video game designer from Los Angeles, claims she has three hybrid babies fathered by aliens. She was seduced in a classroom by a green reptilian alien creature.

"All of sudden I'm sat next to this green reptilian creature and immediately I'm so sexually turned on looking at this being," she said. "I was very surprised. We're making love in this classroom in front of everyone. Everyone turned their attention to us."

Her alien lover then whisked her away in a euphoric sexual "dream state" to an alien UFO starship where they continued to make love.

Aluna cherishes memories of her orgiastic encounters with alien lovers.

"It sounds crazy and people have asked if I'm off my meds. But this is really happening," she said.

She also has sketches of her alien hybrid spawns.

Women like Bridget Nielsen and Aluna Verse, who claim they have had sex with aliens, all agree that there are thousands of other women around the world who have also had sex with aliens and have had alien hybrid babies but are not aware of it.
"We believe there may be hundreds of thousands of women across the world who have hybrid babies, they just don't know about them."
Nielsen offers tips on how women who suspect they may also have had sex with aliens and given birth to alien hybrid babies may confirm their suspicion.

"There are signs that you can look for such as re-occurring dreams about doctor's offices or classrooms, missing times or false pregnancies. These could mean you have hybrid children," she said.

Nielsen and Verse are working to bring together alien hybrid mothers from across the world. They plan to set up a commune where alien hybrid mothers can live together and create a safe environment for alien hybrid babies.

The women hope that the move will help to convince alien fathers to allow their alien hybrid children to visit their human mothers on Earth.

"It will be somewhere away from the cities, somewhere where the children can visit, run free and express themselves."
"People say we are crazy but we are not, this is really happening to us," she added.

Alien hybrid mothers could be considered a special case of commonly reported alien abduction experiences, in which subjects describe vivid memories of being taken against their will by alien beings and subjected to physical or psychological examinations that are sometimes painful.

While there are hundreds of people who have made claims of being abducted by alien beings, scientific researchers and mental health specialists dismiss these claims as culturally induced delusional states.

The first publicly known case of alien abduction claim was made by Betty and Barney Hill, an American couple who claimed they were abducted by extraterrestrial beings on September 19, 1961.

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