Kate Middleton Magazine Cover Shows The Duchess With Rotten Teeth

Kate Middleton’s latest magazine cover isn’t too pretty. The Duchess of Cambridge made the cover of The New Republic, but she isn’t accompanied by her sparkling whites. Instead, the magazine PhotoShopped a stereotypical set of British teeth on Middleton next to the title “Something’s Rotten: The Last Days Of Britain.”

The Daily Mail reports that the photo of Kate Middleton on the cover of the New Republic, as well as several articles inside the magazine detailing the state of the UK before the Olympics, have caused an outrage online.

One Daily Mail reader wrote:

“Cheap shot… They know she will remain dignified and not say a word, allowing them to ‘get away with it.'”

Another added:

“No fan of the royals or Kate either, but its a shameful abuse of photoshop taking very cheap and nasty shot at the royals, Kate and Brits in general. I agree with the person who said they should be sued.”

A Mirror reader writes:

“Now how would Americans like it if our political magazines featured obese burger-munching Americans on its front cover? They’d be the first to complain.”

Before Middleton became a member of the royal family she spent thousands of dollars to achieve a perfect smile. French dentist Didier Fillion straightened, polished, and beautified Kate’s smile.

Fillion’s associate Bernard Touati said:

“He did some little micro-rotations on Kate… That’s why they look so good – because they are not perfectly aligned. The problem in the United States is they have very artificial vision. But what we like is a natural healthy smile, but not artificial.”

Here’s Kate Middleton’s crooked teeth magazine cover.

kate middleton magazine cover

What do you think of the photo? Was this a clever way to highlight articles about the decay of the UK? Or is this a disrespectful representation of the latest member of the royal family?