Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure, Study Shows

Melissa Stusinski

If you've ever wondered if genetically modified (GMO) products are really safe for consumption, this latest study may have you checking and re-checking labels to make sure no GMO ingredients are present, as the International Journal of Biological Sciences has shown that Monsanto's GMO corn is linked to organ damage in rats.

While you may say, "Oh, no worries, it's just rats. It's not like they've tested humans." Well, you're right, they haven't studied humans to see what effects they may be having on our organs. Now, however, The Huffington Post reports that they may want to.

Rady Ananda with Food Freedom writes that:

"Three varieties of Monsanto's GM corn - Mon 863, insecticide-producing Mon 810, and Roundup® herbicide-absorbing NK 603 - were approved for consumption by US, European and several other national food safety authorities."
"[The data] clearly underlines adverse impacts on kidneys and liver, the dietary detoxifying organs, as well as different levels of damages to heart, adrenal glands, spleen and haematopoietic system."

Séralini has stated of Monsanto's reaction that:

"Our study contradicts Monsanto conclusions because Monsanto systematically neglects significant health effects in mammals that are different in males and females eating GMOs, or not proportional to the dose. This is a very serious mistake, dramatic for public health. This is the major conclusion revealed by our work, the only careful reanalysis of Monsanto crude statistical data."

What do you think of the study done by International Journal of Biological Sciences? Will it affect your decision to purchase Monsanto GMO corn, or is Monsanto right in saying the researchers data is not correct?

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