ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Episode 4 Takes Ben Higgins To Las Vegas Where Tensions Escalate And Sparks Fly

Episode 4 of ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season takes Ben Higgins and his remaining bachelorettes to Las Vegas for the next round of dates. There will be a wedding dress involved as well as a talent show, and the network is teasing new Bachelor spoilers about this January 25 episode that viewers will not want to miss. What can fans expect?

As previous Bachelor spoilers have detailed, both JoJo Fletcher and Becca Tilley will get individual dates in this episode while the remaining 12 ladies go on one group date. There is an extra outing later in the show that involves two bachelorettes, some family, and an elimination that may leave many a bit stunned.

According to ABC, JoJo heads off with Ben on a helicopter tour of the city. The Bachelor spoilers tease that they will share a kiss as they take off, and previews detail that the ladies will see a bit of this outing from their hotel room window. That will be a rough moment for some of the ladies, as they see Ben and JoJo sharing some smooches.

Higgins is definitely attracted to Fletcher already, but it seems this duo will grow even closer as she opens up and shows her vulnerable side to Ben. She will talk about some things related to her past relationships, and the two will cozy up to one another as they watch some fireworks. Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that she gets a rose.

Entertainer Terry Fator will be involved in the group date where 12 bachelorettes are challenged to do a talent show as Fator’s opening act at the Mirage. Each lady needs to develop a short act to perform and there are a wide variety of choices made in this challenge.

The Bachelor spoilers tease that some acts will go over well, and others will lead to embarassment. In fact, ABC reveals that one lady will be horrified by how her outing goes and it leads to a meltdown and panic attack. Reality Steve’s spoilers do not identify which lady had the meltdown, though there are definitely some lackluster talents noted for this outing. Ultimately, Lauren Himle is said to charm the audience with a chicken suit and song. As for the group date rose, Bachelor spoilers indicate that Lauren Bushnell gets this one.

Becca Tilley’s date has a wedding theme and Bachelor spoilers share that he will get a wedding dress with her date card. Ben and Becca will take a spin in a pink convertible and end up at the “Little White Wedding Chapel.” From the sounds of things, these two will have quite the adventure together.


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According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Ben gets ordained and he and Becca work on marrying some couples at the chapel. As for the other outing in Episode 4, Higgins will take Emily and Haley Ferguson out for a bit. The Bachelor spoilers tease that he will feel that he needs to figure out how he feels about the twins, and he takes them to a surprise spot.

Just what do Ben, Emily, and Haley do on this outing? Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that they drive around Vegas a bit and visit Haley and Emily’s mom. Ultimately, however, Ben is said to eliminate Haley during this excursion, bringing Emily back for the cocktail party and rose ceremony.

Olivia Caridi seemingly causes more drama in this episode, either at the group date after party or during the cocktail party before the rose ceremony. Bachelor spoilers share that she will seemingly confront Ben about how many ladies he has been kissing. This is said to irritate several of the bachelorettes. However, by the end of the rose ceremony, Olivia does end up with a rose. Reality Steve’s spoilers reveal that Amber James and Rachel Tchen will be sent packing.

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