Farmersville Dairy Queen Hit By Fire Truck, Crash Injures Three People

A fire truck crashed into the side of a Dairy Queen in Farmersville, Texas, on Wednesday.

According to CBSNews, the crash involved a fire truck that was en route to the nearby city of Greenville. The report states that the truck was initially traveling eastbound on Highway 380.

Unfortunately, the driver of the fire truck apparently lost control of the vehicle on the roadway. The truck reportedly crossed over into the westbound traffic lanes moments before crashing into the Dairy Queen.

Farmersville Police Chief Michael Sullivan confirmed that the fire truck was traveling from Denton after being serviced at Siddons-Marton, a local dealership and service center within that city.

The report further states that an employee from that particular service center was the person driving the fire truck when it crashed into the Farmersville Dairy Queen.

The fire truck was driven straight through the restaurant’s front patio area, reportedly destroying a significant amount of the restaurant’s facade.

What caused the truck to crash into the Dairy Queen is still being investigated by officials, according to CBS News.

In addition to causing damage to the property, one of the vehicles in the Dairy Queen parking lot was also damaged in the crash.

No one lost their lives during the incident. Fox 4 News reports that there were no city employees inside of the truck at the time of the incident either. However, three people were injured: the driver of the fire truck, a Dairy Queen employee, and a customer that was inside of the damaged vehicle parked outside of the restaurant at the time of the crash.

The extent of their injuries remains unknown, but CBSNews reports that “all of the victims are expected to be okay.”

Work crews were present on site at the Farmersville Dairy Queen to clear away the crash debris as quickly as possible.

This is definitely not the first time that Dairy Queen has made headlines after one of the company’s U.S. restaurants became the target of an automobile accident.

Last June, a van crashed into the Dairy Queen on Scenic Highway in Florida, according to the Pensacola News Journal. According to the report, a van crashed directly into the wall of the restaurant’s convenience store. The vehicle reportedly did not make its way into the building, but the impact of the crash and breaking glass damaged the store.

Several months later, a car crashed into a Dairy Queen located in St. Louis, Minnesota, in October, according to STL Today. Several people were injured after being hit by the crash debris and not the actual car itself. The report states that they were later taken to the hospital for observation.

A teenage girl with a learner’s permit crashed a car into a Dairy Queen restaurant in St. George, Utah, back in October of 2014, according to St. George News. Her mother, Valerie Memmott, claimed that her daughter accidentally pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake while trying to park the car.

Memmott further stated that the Dairy Queen employees “were really kind” when it came to handling the situation.

Unlike the recent incident with the fire truck in Farmersville, no injuries were reported as a result of that accident. However, Memmott confirmed that she would take financial responsibility for the restaurant’s damages after telling her daughter that paying for those expenses to Dairy Queen would serve as her Christmas present.

[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]