Ellen Receives Lap Dance & Twerking Session From Zac Efron

Andy Slawecki

Ellen DeGeneres got, perhaps, a little more than she bargained for from guest Zac Efron on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which is scheduled to air on Wednesday. Ellen and Zac engaged in a game on her popular app "Heads Up!" and things got a little frisky when the host decided to pick out topics from the "Bad Behavior" deck. It was only fitting as the movie star was there to promote his upcoming film Dirty Grandpa. Efron was forced to act out whatever was on the card while Ellen had to guess before the timer ran out.

Ellen had it coming as the first phrase was "lap dance." Efron was not bashful, jumping out of his chair putting one of his legs on DeGeneres' seat and thrusting his hips extremely close to her face. Acting out "Tinder" was a bit more difficult for the Neighbors star, and his face got noticeably red when he had to make out with his own hand. But Efron let it all hang loose when the next card was revealed to be "twerking." With the full support of the audience, Efron bent over, put his hands on his knees, and shook his butt. Ellen nailed it right away, and the crowd went nuts as Efron embarrassingly put his head in his hands.

Ellen didn't let him off the hook quite yet, however, as Efron still needed to act out "Skinny Dipping" and "Handcuffs" before his time was up. The women in the audience thought the "Skinny Dipping" charade might lead to the removal of some clothing, but it wasn't meant to be as just pretended. Efron has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show numerous times, including appearances in which he has sung to Ellen, both on his own and in a duet with Taylor Swift.

Ellen may have thought the main purpose of this appearance was to provide lap dances and twerking lessons, but Efron's top priority was likely to promote his latest movie. Dirty Grandpa also stars Robert DeNiro, who invariably came up in the discussion. Efron called working with DeNiro a "fantastic experience" despite the obvious age gap.

"I got to get to know the legend, but it was also really awkward at moments cause I've seen virtually everything this guy's done. I mean, I've seen every film, I can quote him verbatim in half of his movies, if I can even reach half. He's never seen a single thing that I've done, like at all. So every single time we show up to work there's sort of that awkward moment where it's like we have to acknowledge that you're the greatest of all time, and I'm...You know, what could you have possibly even seen that I would have been a part of? High School Musical?"

Ellen, known for her charm and likability, didn't have to press Efron much further to get a better endorsement for Dirty Grandpa, which is set to release this week.

"We made a really cool movie. The movie, it's this road trip comedy about a grandfather and grandson who sort of get roped into going on this crazy adventure. It's full of heart."

The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan also stopped by the program to promote her new movie, The Boy. You'll have to tune in to see how Ellen pranks Cohan, all in good fun of course. Ellen will also have Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Lopez on the show this week, while Kourtney Kardashian and Mario Lopez stop by next week. Earlier this week, the Inquisitr reported that The Ellen DeGeneres Show began airing in the U.K. The talk-show host also threw her political allegiances behind Hillary Clinton and revealed that she and Portia de Rossi adopted a puppy named "Kid."

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