Fraggle Rock’s ‘Doozers’ Returning To TV

Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock has been off the air for 25 years but now the show is getting a revival. According to sources close to the Jim Henson Company, the production studio has greenlit a new Doozers TV show. If like me you were a fan of the show as a child you’ll recall that the Doozers were the”builders” of the Fraggle Rock world.

The new TV show will be based off the little builders and their love of construction.

The possibility of a Doozers TV show started in 2009 when the project was first discussed. During original talks the idea was to follow a crew of newbie Doozer engineers as they learn important lessons about eco-consciousness, technology and teamwork.

The “green” push will likely be strong as even 25 years ago the Doozer’s tools were powered by hydroelectricity.

One thing that might surprise many fans of Jim Henson is that the production will be created at DHX Media’s CGI animation studio instead of using puppets.

Whether or not the Doozer’s can live up to their Fraggle Rock past is not yet known but one thing is for certain, a show about engineering, teamwork and being eco-friendly if done correctly could be a great learning experience for children.

Will you be tuning in to watch the premiere episode of the Doozer crew? If for no other reason than nostalgia I’ll definitely be checking it out.

In the meantime the Jim Henson company is also working on a big screen adaptation of Fraggle Rock which will bring the entire cast of characters into the 21st century.

In case you are not familiar with the Doozers here is a quick clip: