Cape Cod Shark Encounter Sends Kayaker Paddling Frantically For Shore

Walter Szulc will never forget his first kayaking experience thanks to the shark following closely behind his little watercraft in Cape Cod. One has to wonder if the Massachusetts kayaker said to himself, “I think I’m gonna need a bigger boat.” Nauset Beach visitors yelled frantically at Szulc attempting to alert him about the shark and advising him to “paddle faster,” but he could not hear their warnings from the shore. Eventually the novice kayaker did glance behind him, only to reveal he had a Great White Shark rapidly approaching, reports. The Cape Cod shark sighting was not the first time a menacing fin has been spotted along the popular East Coast tourist area this summer.

Shark sightings in New England waters have vastly increased since 2008 when new policies were enacted to protect specific marine animals. The grey seal is a popular menu item for sharks and among the protest species list near Cape Cod. The seal population has grown from approximately 10,000 to 300,000 since 2008, making the protected area essentially buffet for one of nature’s largest predators.

Szulc attempted to encourage his young daughter to come out into the water as well, but noting a fear of sharks, she emphatically declined. The father reportedly teased his daughter just a bit about her shark fears, noting the small odds of actually encountering one of the sharp-teethed creatures.

The Miami Herald notes that Szulc was approximately 200 feet from the Cape Cod shoe when the Great White Shark began following him in eight feet of water. Nauset Beach closed temporarily on Saturday afternoon, but was reopened to swimmers the following day.