Tom Cruise Scared Of Scientology Expose By L. Ron Hubbard’s Grandson

Jamie DeWolf, grandson of L. Ron Hubbard, is putting the fear of Xenu in Tom Cruise and other Scientologists of note, as he has been taping members on the sly, and plans to blow the whistle. Cruise’s mini-me, David Miscavige, is also ready to burst. It is possible that Jamie DeWolf will finally finish what Leah Remini and Paul Haggis started.

According to the Inquisitr, Leah Remini’s book was a huge call to action for the Church of Scientology. Her biggest accusation is that Tom Cruise is using Scientology as his own army, pushing people out of the way who don’t do his bidding. In the purest sense, Remini said that Cruise is not a good representative for the alleged religion. Along with David Miscavige, Cruise has people reporting on each other, and racking up millions of dollars in fees and penalties.

Radar Online is reporting that another PR nightmare is on the horizon for Scientology, and this time, it’s from a source close to the founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard’s grandson, Jamie DeWolf, wants the power hungry group, acting in his grandfather’s name, to stop. De Wolf has been congregating with others who call out Cruise and Miscavige, and has also been sharing his family’s dark history.

“I brought a camera crew with me and started filming people with specific questions,” he told Radar. “A lot of these people haven’t gone on the record before, but they’ll talk to me because I’m asking very specific questions.”

Even other family members have now gone on record.

“I’ve interviewed a couple of my own family members who have never really gone on the record before,” he revealed.

DeWolf is shocked, and thinks those involved in Scientology in particular need to know all.

And while he admits “there’s a lot that’s still murky,” what he’s found so far has been shocking: “It’s really, really dark and pretty twisted,” DeWolf claimed.

San Francisco NBC says that DeWolf believes that Scientology is the ultimate brilliant brainwashing scheme ever. People actually pay to be brainwashed.

“I think it’s one of the most brilliant and devious systematic brainwashing systems that’s ever been invented,” he told Current TV host Cenk Uygur in 2013. “[It] works through electrified hypnosis. It works through past life regression therapy. It works through a lot of hodgepodge of ideas thrown together with this extremely brutal sort of security sense and this kind of like CIA-like structure that becomes really intoxicating to people. But to meet people who’ve been out of the cult — I mean, yeah, you want to ask them about Xenu and aliens — but the fact is these are smart people. They’ve just been completely destroyed.”

DeWolf says that Scientology is inspiring “mass insanity.”

Jamie DeWolf is onto something, but he is also a brilliant performer.

But Jamie DeWolf believes that Hubbard was a “portly brilliant redheaded con man.” You can’t choose your family, but DeWolf believes that you can and should call foul when your family members try to brainwash large groups of people.

The Huffington Post is reporting that DeWolf said that Miscavige and the church are trying to scare him straight.

“Immediately I had the church coming after me. They came to my house even though I didn’t have a listed address, they posed as performers at shows, and they hired private investigators. It was scary, scary stuff.”

Do you believe that people should listen to L. Ron Hubbard’s family and take a good look at Scientology?

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]