Angelina Jolie Looks Alarmingly Skinny While She Gushes About Marriage To Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie appeared alarmingly skinny during a recent appearance to promote her role in the upcoming movie, Kung Fu Panda 3. While the Tomb Raider star smiled big for the cameras, many took notice of the Jolie's rail-thin body as she made her way down the red carpet.

According to photos released by the Daily Mirror, Jolie wore a slim fitting and short black dress for the event, in what may have been her simplest outfit to date. While there was nothing extravagant about her attire, Jolie managed to pull it off with ease and appeared as gorgeous as ever.

"I just pulled myself together, just cleaned the dirt off my feet," she stated after the event.

Jolie made her appearance on the red carpet solo and without the rest of her family, despite their part in the movie. Jolie's three children, Zahara (10), Shiloh (9), and Knox (7), contributed to the animated film by lending their voices to create animal noises for the movie.

According to Us Magazine, the only members of the family that did not participate in Kung Fu Panda 3 were Brad Pitt and their eldest son, Maddox (14). While none of her children joined her on the red carpet, all of them apart from Maddox were present at the movie's premiere.

In speaking about how her children handled their first venture into the movie industry, Jolie revealed that they all had a great time in performing their various roles. Although they were shy and don't have any aspirations to become actors, Jolie stated that "they came in, and they had a lot of fun with it."

Despite their small roles in 'Kung Fu Panda 3,' Angelina Jolie insists her kids do not want to be actors. [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]
Despite their small roles in 'Kung Fu Panda 3,' Angelina Jolie insists her kids do not want to be actors. [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]Jolie went on to explain how she first asked her kids to take part in the movie, and how they each approached the role with a certain level of sincerity. However, now that they have an idea of what being an actor entails, Jolie admitted that they were not too amazed by what they experienced.

"It's been, 'If you want to, you can jump in, and here's a crazy idea'... and some of them were shy, but this one they all really wanted to and they all came together and did their recording together and took it very seriously." Jolie explained to Extra. "It was cute. Now that they've had a taste, they think Mommy's job is ridiculously easy."

Angelina Jolie voices Tigress in the 'Kung Fu Panda' franchise. [Image via Dreamworks]
Angelina Jolie voices Tigress in the 'Kung Fu Panda' franchise. [Image via Dreamworks]Meanwhile, Jolie also discussed her husband's recent nod for an Oscar and gushed about what his work means to her. Pitt is currently up for an Oscar for his part in the film The Big Short. Although he did not have an acting part in the movie, Pitt did serve as one of the producers.

In speaking about her husband's accomplishment, Jolie explained how she is very pleased with everything that Pitt does. This includes his career in the film industry as well as his duties as a father and husband.

"I'm always proud of him because of all the work he does, and how he balances his family life and work. I love him, I'm proud of his film. I'd be proud either way, obviously."
While the verdict is still out whether or not Pitt takes home an Oscar, Jolie is clearly proud of her husband no matter what the outcome. "It's lovely for him, it's lovely for the film, it's an important film -- I don't need that [Oscar recognition] to be proud of him," she added.

Kung Fu Panda is set to premiere in theaters on January 29. Along with Jolie and her children, the movie stars Jack Black, whose son also has a minor role in the film, and Kate Hudson.

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[Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision for Audi/AP Images]