NFL Rumors: Will Bruce Irvin Really Give Seattle Seahawks A Discount On New Contract? [Breaking News]

NFL rumors have Bruce Irvin stating he will give the Seattle Seahawks a discount on a new contract. These NFL rumors come directly from Irvin, who has made negative comments about the Seahawks for not picking up his fifth-year option. A report from on Monday, January 18, reveals that Irvin has already had a discussion about a contract discount with Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider.

“I was asked that. Pete [Carroll] and John [Schneider] asked me that when I met with them today. If it came to that, I would definitely come back. $3, $4 million? $3, $4, $5 million? I would definitely come back because I’m established here. These are my brothers. I honestly can’t even imagine myself playing with anybody else, being in a different meeting room, listening to different pregame speeches. It’s just crazy to me. I would definitely come back if they matched or if it was a little less. I would definitely come back to Seattle.”

These NFL rumors come as Bruce Irvin is about to become an unrestricted free agent in the offseason. Irvin is coming out of a rookie contract that paid him just about $9.4 million over four seasons. It was a completely guaranteed deal, which also included a team option for the 2016 NFL season. The front office of the Seattle Seahawks decided to opt out of that fifth season following the 2014 campaign. Now, the team may consider signing Irvin again if the price is right.

Bruce Irvin In Super Bowl

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Seahawks will have just over $30 million to spend on players during the 2016 NFL offseason. That number could go up if the NFL increases the salary cap or if the Seahawks part ways with running back Marshawn Lynch. As it stands, though, the team has a lot of spots to fill with that $30 million. It includes signing new offensive linemen, 2016 NFL Draft picks, a punter, a cornerback, and at least one defensive lineman. This is why getting Bruce Irvin to sign a new contract and return for less money could really help out the team.

Through his time with the Seattle Seahawks, Bruce Irvin has 22 sacks. He also has 12 sacks in just his past 25 games, showing that he might be getting better on the field. There have been numerous NFL rumors about where he might want to play for the 2016 NFL season, including the Atlanta Falcons as one preferred destination. There will likely be a number of teams looking to sign him when free agency opens, but no team that will want him more than the Seahawks. The fact that Pete Carroll and John Schneider already expressed a renewed interest is the strongest hint.

There are going to be a lot of NFL rumors about the Seahawks this offseason, especially with the unresolved situation surrounding Marshawn Lynch. With a long free agent list that includes Bruce Irvin, Russell Okung, Brandon Mebane, Jermaine Kearse, Jeremy Lane, and Jon Ryan, it is also clear that the Seahawks could run out of money to offer new contracts. Trades and the NFL Draft could address a few holes on the roster, but retaining a flexible player like Irvin on defense could certainly help the team moving forward.

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The biggest aspect of this story will be whether Irvin is telling the truth or simply telling the Seattle media what it may want to hear. The reality is, Irvin is now a free agent trying to “sell” himself on the open market. Closing off an option in Seattle would be a bad public relations move for any athlete. Among all the NFL rumors floating around the league, it’s also a positive sign for fans that Bruce Irvin could want to help out the team with a hometown discount.

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