Leah Messer Lays Down The Law For Boyfriend T.R. Dues, Doesn’t Allow Friendship With Kids’ Mother

Leah Messer has had a busy couple of months. Last year, the Teen Mom 2 star got divorced from her second husband, and now she is living her with boyfriend of less than a year. Messer met T.R. Dues when he was her personal trainer. The two immediately hit it off and have been inseparable. Dues has children with an ex-girlfriend and regularly sees them. Messer has twin daughters with ex-husband, Corey Simms, and another daughter with ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert. Between Dues and Messer, they have a full house.

While Leah Messer is used to splitting up the parenting duties, she is not comfortable with the arrangements made by T.R. Dues and his ex-girlfriend. According to Radar Online, Leah Messer is extremely jealous of the situation her boyfriend has worked out with his ex-girlfriend. Furthermore, the girlfriend told the magazine that she is not against confronting Messer over her “childish” behavior. Apparently, this stems from Dues and his ex being good friends and having a working parenting agreement. Messer believes that because she has to drive to meet both Simms and Calvert for the exchange of her daughters, Dues should have to as well. If he doesn’t, she feels disrespected. Messer doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to relationships, so this may not be the battle she wants to pick.

In just a few days, Leah Messer will be back in court battling her ex-husband, Corey Simms for custody of their twin daughters. The two have been back and forth for a while about who the girls should be living with, and just recently Simms won. Messer is still able to get the girls during weekends, but during the week both Corey and Miranda take care of them. This wasn’t a shocking decision, especially given the events that transpired over the last season of Teen Mom 2. Messer has been dealing with a lot, especially the break-up of her marriage last year.

With all of the troubles Leah Messer is facing, fighting with T.R. Dues over his ex-girlfriend and their children should be the least of her worries. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Leah Messer opened up to fans on social media. She talked about feeling depressed and the upcoming battle she will be facing with Corey Simms. With everything seemingly piling up against her, Messer isn’t thinking clearly. Right now she needs to focus on getting things together and putting on a united front with Dues. Without a stable relationship with her live-in boyfriend, she can basically kiss custody of the girls good-bye.

It is assumed that another season of Teen Mom 2 is coming. Fans want to see an update on what is happening with all of the girls, but especially Leah Messer. Last season depicted the downfall of her marriage to Jeremy Calvert and her stint in a rehab facility. Custody issues were raised between Messer and Corey Simms, but that played out after filming stopped. It is confirmed that Jeremy Calvert will be returning for filming with Messer. The two are amicably co-parenting their daughter, and he obviously trusts her enough to leave Addie in her home full-time.

At this point, Leah Messer needs all the friends she can get. With the drama she is instigating between T.R. Dues and his ex-girlfriend, Messer isn’t winning any points. Dues’ ex is not afraid to confront Messer, and that would be messy. Jealousy isn’t a good look on anyone but in this case, it is especially ugly. Teen Mom 2 fans hope that Leah Messer will reconsider her demands on T.R. Dues, and keep things in her home peaceful while battling Corey Simms.

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