Ariana Grande Caught Dancing With Justin Bieber

Ariana Grande was just caught getting pretty close to Justin Bieber — but probably not in the way you might think.

Grande was spotted throwing down some serious moves with the “Sorry” singer in a just released commercial for the British radio station Capital FM, and the twosome’s adorably flirty moves have been causing quite a stir online.

“ARIANA AND JUSTIN OH HELL YES [sic]” Twitter user @grandesweaveaf tweeted out alongside the brand new 30 second ad, whilst @bieberblaze wrote on the 140-character site, “justin and ariana are literally owning this video lmao [sic].”

The short clip also appeared to whip a number of fans into a frenzy hoping that Grande and Bieber’s sweet on-camera chemistry may just turn into something more off screen.

“Justin and Ariana would be so cute together please,” @GrandeDuet tweeted out on January 18, while @trustacoustics added, “justin and ariana… my jariana heart is CRYING!! [sic]”

Grande and Bieber have always had a pretty flirty relationship, and according to TMZ, even showed off their playful friendship when Bieber made a surprise appearance at Ariana’s 2015 concert at The Forum in Los Angeles.

Bieber surprised Grande’s fans to perform a very special version of his hit “As Long As You Love Me” during the California gig, where he appeared to get pretty handsy with Ariana. According to the site, Justin called Grande over to him in front of an estimated 17,000 fans and told her to stand in front of him before throwing his arms around her for a pretty intimate hug.

Though the two haven’t been spotted together too much since, Grande did speak out about her admiration for Justin this past November, where she defended the “Love Yourself” singer in a pretty candid interview with Reuters.

“He can do whatever he wants. He’s doing the same thing as every other boy in the world, you know,” Ariana Grande said of Bieber last year. “He’s just under a microscope and scrutinized by people who don’t know him. I know him and he’s a good person. He really is,” Ariana said, adding that Justin is “a nice person” and “a good guy and he doesn’t deserve what he’s going through.”

But while her flirty relationship with Bieber may be nothing more than a friendship, there’s another man Ariana has been getting pretty close to recently. Grande recently announced that she’s actually getting back together with an ex — in the studio, at least.

Ariana Grande revealed on Twitter earlier this week that she’s teaming up with her ex-boyfriend and former The Wanted star Nathan Sykes for a new duet, titled “Over And Over Again.”

“Here it is!! #OverAndOverAgain ft. @ArianaGrande is out WORLDWIDE now!” Nathan tweeted out on January 15, to which Ariana replied “#OverAndOverAgain by @NathanSykes ft me thanks for having me on this & congrats on the new incredible new music!”

But this certainly isn’t the first time the former couple have put their musical talents to good use for a steamy musical collaboration. According to Us Weekly, Ariana and Nathan grew close in 2013 after they hit the studio together to record the track “Almost Is Never Enough,” which was featured in the movie The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

The site reported that the pretty romantic duet lead to Grande and Sykes’ short-lived romance, which lasted for around four months in 2013. Us Weekly alleged at the time that Ariana and the former boyband star amicably split after a source revealed to the site that the two, who were both 20 at the time, “just weren’t into it anymore.”

What do you think of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s blossoming friendship?

[Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Republic Records]