One Direction Fans Reach Out To Niall Horan’s Brother After Twitter Rant

Niall Horan is currently believed to be in Los Angeles whilst back home a drama unfolded concerning his brother Greg Horan. One Direction star Niall has largely been absent from social media over the past few days and may not be aware that Greg Horan sparked concern after a twitter rant that appeared to suggest that he “wished he was dead.” Horan quickly deleted the messages, but when it comes to One Direction, fans quickly take screenshots of anything that might potentially disappear.

According to the Daily Mail Greg Horan accused Niall of having rejected him since finding fame on X-factor in 2010. Horan went on to say “I wish I was dead simple as life couldn’t get any worse.”

The two messages taken together led many One Direction fans to believe that Mr. Horan meant to do himself harm. The Mirror reports that fears for Horan safety spread like wildfire amongst One Direction fans who tweeted their support for Mr Horan. Greg Horan later tweeted that “I love Niall so much and I’m so proud of him and the one thing that can’t be broken is the fact that we are brothers.”

There is no clear indication as to what prompted Greg Horan’s outburst, but it is not the first time that he has attacked his famous brother. Back in 2014, Greg took aim at Niall for apparently failing to visit his young nephew and went on to say that he was “sick of being hurt by loved ones.

Greg Horan Niall Horan

On that occasion, Greg claimed his Twitter account had been hacked and that the pot shots at Niall had not been his doing. At the time the Daily Mail speculated that Niall and Greg may not be on good terms because Horan had been trying to cash in on his famous sibling’s name.

“The lack of contact might be down to the fact Greg seems to be using his famous connection for personal gain, after setting up a website for his baby boy to give fans daily updates on the little one as well as flogging memorabilia, and information on Niall.”

If there has been bad blood between the Horan brothers it seems that One Direction fans refused to allow family disputes to get in the way of their concern for Mr Horan. Twitter was awash with supportive messages for Horan and some fans posted pictures of Greg’s family urging him to stay strong for them.

One fan said they were praying that Greg was OK and that the “Horan brothers reunion will happen soon.”

The Sun reports that Greg also launched an attack on Niall back in November 2015 when he Tweeted and deleted messages claiming that Niall failed to support him and that he had lost his brother to fame. There is no real clue as to what caused Greg to post these latest messages but it does seem that there is an unresolved issue between the Horan brothers. Niall and Greg were certainly close when Niall acted as best man at his brother’s wedding back in 2013.

Of course, no-one wants to get involved in disputes between brothers but the outpouring of concern for Horan from one Direction fans suggests that fans at least would like to see Niall and Greg repair their relationship.

Greg Horan did take to twitter this morning to assure fans that things were “grand” and that he “loves” Niall. To date Niall has made no public comment about his brother’s outburst.

[Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP]