December 25, 2017
Flight Attendant Quits Her Job At LaGuardia Airport -- Now She Is Missing

Mystery shrouds the disappearance of a 30-year-old Shuttle America flight attendant who was last seen at LaGuardia Airport on Thursday, January 14, after quitting her job. The family of Sierra Shields says that this kind of lack of contact is out of character for her, and is asking for the public's assistance for any leads on her whereabouts.

CBS New York reports that the family is not certain whether or not the missing flight attendant was scheduled to fly on Thursday night, but one thing remains certain: they have not seen her since that day.

The missing woman had been depressed for several days, according to the New York Post who interviewed relatives familiar with the case. The family also stated that Shields has been studying to become a minister, and she was a member of the Connection Church.

The missing flight attendant met with her supervisor on Thursday, at which time she turned in her resignation. Since that time, her phone and wallet have been found at her apartment in Astoria, Queens, but it is not clear whether she actually returned to the home at any point. She was seen leaving the airport by foot after the meeting around 12 p.m. Shields also worked for an agency that assigned flight attendants to both Delta and United.

The Epoch Times has obtained a description of the flight attendant and describes her as 5'6" and weighing 160 pounds. She has black hair and brown eyes. Shields is of medium build and medium complexion. At the time of her disappearance, she was wearing her flight uniform, which resembles a blue dress.

The missing woman's father made a heartfelt appeal for her return.

"We all love her and we all look forward to sharing our life with her. We'd just love for her to come home."
Signs of her depression had become very noticeable to her roommates over the past week, according to Heavy. Additionally, she does not have a boyfriend, and her family does not think that she has any enemies who would seek to do her harm. Shields' pastor, Larry Mayberry, said that she spoke to his wife earlier last week, but their conversation did not reveal anything that might be troubling or related to her current disappearance.

Her family also made an official plea on the Facebook page that they set up to help find her.

"Please help find this beautiful young lady! She is a precious, bubbly, and happy person. She lives her life by God's word and is such an amazing, helpful, and caring daughter, sister, and friend. All of us who know her, love her very much! If anyone has any information, please contact the number in the picture or this page. Please share and pray for her and her family! Thank you."
As of this date, police still have no solid leads on her whereabouts or the circumstances surrounding her disappearance. The family has set up a Facebook page, Find Sierra Shields, which has garnered almost 3,000 likes at this writing, to assist in coordinating information that might help find the flight attendant.

Anyone with leads is asked to text or call 347-670-3329, call police at 1-800-577-TIPS, or reach out on the Find Sierra Shields Facebook page with information.

[Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images]