Super Moonwalk Wows The Web [Video]

It isn’t uncommon to see a performer imitate Michael Jackson on stage and do their best moonwalk. It’s rare, however, to see someone improve on the famous dance move. Eric Nash, a street performer in Santa Monica, California, sped up Jackson’s famous step to create the “Super Moonwalk.”

The Super Moonwalking video has been viewed more than 750,000 times since it was uploaded earlier this week.

In the video, Eric, “One Love Candyman” Nash is seen doing his super moonwalk down a slippery street in California. The Candyman hasn’t explained how he does the trick but it looks like it requires wet cement. Other than that, it’s just really impressive.

And the Candyman isn’t a one trick show. According to a brief Youtube interview, he can also do consecutive one-legged backflips.

The candyman has apparently been performing on the 3rd Street Promenade for a while but he just recently (thanks to the help of two new friends) started uploading videos onto Youtube.

He also recently joined Twitter. You can follow the Candyman here.

Here’s the video of Eric Nash doing the Super Moonwalk.