Arkansas Real Estate Agent Lured To Fake House Viewing And Placed In ‘Death Mask,’ Murderer Gets Life In Prison

The trial of Arron Lewis has finally come to an end, and the convicted murderer has been sentenced to life in prison for killing Arkansas real estate agent, Beverly Carter. Lewis was convicted of capital murder for luring Carter to a fake house viewing at which he murdered her by placing her in a duct tape “death mask.” The autopsy revealed that Carter died from suffocation after which she was tossed into a shallow grave by Arron Lewis and his estranged wife, Crystal Lowery.

KATV reports that it took a jury less than one hour to deliberate and find Arron Lewis guilty of capital murder. Lewis received a double life sentence, one for capital murder and a second for kidnapping. The capital murder life sentence was given without the option for parole. Meanwhile the murderer’s estranged wife, Crystal Lowery, is serving a 30-year sentence after pleading guilty to first-degree murder and kidnapping. Lowery was used as a witness in the case against Arron Lewis in which she told the jury that the murder was no accident and was planned.

According to the Daily Mail, Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter went missing in September of 2014 after telling her husband she was going to show a home in a rural area. When Carter didn’t return from the showing, her husband reported her missing. However, her body was later found in a shallow grave at a concrete plant at which Arron Lewis previously worked.

Arrn Lewis and Crystal Lowery
Arron Lewis and Crystal Lowery were found guilty of murdering Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter. (Image via Arkansas Department of Corrections Mugshot)

Police later arrested Arron Lewis and Crystal Lowery on charges of murder related to the real estate agent’s death. Lowery pleaded guilty to the first-degree murder and kidnapping and received 30 years in prison. However, Lewis maintained during his trial that Carter’s death was the result of a consensual sex act that went wrong. Lowery was brought into court to testify that the death was no accident and that it was not the result of any sort of sexual act. Meanwhile, Beverly Carter’s son spoke in closing statements during the trial noting that Lewis continued to hurt his family even after his mother’s death by trying to run her good name through the dirt and tarnish her reputation with false claims.

“For the guilty to be able to drag her sweet name through the mud… it is awful.”

He later spoke outside of the court telling the media that “the only thing that Beverly Carter did that day was go to work.” Pulaski County Deputy Prosecutor Barbara Mariani echoed the son’s statements by saying that not only did Lewis watch Beverly die a slow, agonizing death. He continued to victimize the family following the death by making false claims bringing into question Beverly’s character.


“It wasn’t enough to watch her slowly, agonizingly die in terror. He continues the victimization past her death.”

Ultimately the jury agreed and Lewis was sentenced to life in prison without parole for capital murder charges. During the trial it was noted that Beverly Carter was killed by suffocation after she was placed in a duct tape “death mask.” It was noted that the real estate agent’s face was covered in its entirety by the mask of death and she slowly died from suffocation. After Carter died, Lewis then took her body to the concrete plant where he once worked and threw her into a shallow grave.

Do you think justice was served in the Beverly Carter murder, despite Crystal Lowery only receiving 30 years? Was it a good trade by prosecutors to secure a life sentence without parole for Arron Lewis?

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