Jessica Simpson Still Wants Attention, Tony Romo’s Love

After all these years being prepped for life in the spotlight, Jessica Simpson just can’t get it into her head that she shouldn’t talk about relationships to the general public. Did she learn nothing from Newlyweds? Is she casting a shadow of bad luck over her relationship with Tony Romo by blabbing? Probably. The highlights, hit-by-hit:

1. “‘I just told him today, ‘You’re the love of my life.’ I don’t really ever say that to anybody.'” (Ouch.)

2. “‘I don’t want anybody that’s been in my life [before] in my life anymore. I don’t even want them to have any way of contacting me.'” (She wants Tony to do the same, of course. She’s just not admitting it.)

3. “‘I’m not a jealous girlfriend.'” (Lies, all lies.)

4. “”I just love, so I don’t understand when people can’t do exactly what I do.'” (What does that even mean, Jessica?)

I hope that all this love-professing won’t come back to haunt her, like this outfit will.

Image: WireImage