Park Hae Jin: WM Entertainment To Sue News Outlet On Behalf Of Korean Actor For Spreading Rumors He Is Dating Park Shin Hye

In Korean film, one of the most-popular actors presently is Park Hae Jin. Known for his roles in My Love From The Star (starring alongside Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun) and Doctor Stranger (starring alongside Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon), he is getting plenty of attention now because of his current role in Cheese in the Trap. Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, Cheese in the Trap was destined to be a hit prior to its release and a lot of it has to do with the main leads. In Hae Jin’s case, he is so popular in China from previous dramas that Chinese fans made this particular drama one of the most popular of 2015 despite not having aired at the time.

With such popularity however, gossip is sure to follow. With that in mind, there are rumors that Park Hae Jin is in a relationship with a very popular actress, Park Shin Hye. Apparently, Hae Jin is not taking such talk lightly as his agency, WM Entertainment, are preparing to sue the news outlet that initially started and spread the rumors.

The article in question was titled Park Hye Jin ♥ Park Shin Hye: May Their Love Last A Long Time.” It was posted on Tuesday, January 12, and also featured a photo allegedly showing the two Hallyu stars in the Seoul Forest together. WM Entertainment released a statement on Thursday, January 14, pertaining to the rumors spreading like wildfire, as reported by AllKpop.

“We plan to sue the news outlet in question today or tomorrow. After pressing charges, we’ll also press charges for civil liability. Although the article has been taken down and we’ve been in contact with them, we will make sure that they’re penalized.”

SALT Entertainment, the agency in which Park Shin Hye is signed to, have also made their intentions known that they will press charges against the unnamed news outlet too.

Park Shin Hye

It should be noted that dating rumors between Park Hae Jin and Park Shin Hye are nothing new. According to KdramaStars, Hae Jin responded to the rumors of him dating the famous Hallyu star and how they caused damage in their friendship.

“She [Park Shin Hye] was just a friend, like a younger sister. We became distant once the rumors broke and rarely talk to each other these days. When we used to get along, she was like my little sister, but now she’s all grown up. I continue to support her whatever she does.”

Though gossip often spreads among Hallyu stars, the fact Park Hae Jin and Park Shin Hye used to have a good relationship somewhat destroyed by dating rumors may be why they are not hesitant in pressing charges when rumors of the like surface. This instance however is more of a fabrication. Apparently, both Hae Jin and Shin Hye were at Seoul Forest, though they were not together. Still, many thought them being in the same forest on the same day peculiar, yet few people are letting it pass as a coincidence.

As of now, both Hallyu stars are busy with their current plans. Park Hae Jin, as mentioned earlier, is playing the lead role in Cheese in the Trap alongside Kim Go Eun. Park Shin Hye is currently finishing up her degree. Though she is not acting at the moment, she is taking up other career endeavors such as modeling and hosting. Recently, she co-hosted the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards alongside Running Man cast member, Kim Jong Kook.

[Image via Screen Capture of My Love From The Star]