Swedish Doctor Drugs Patient With Laced Strawberries, Rapes Her In Home Where He Planned To Keep Her For Years

A Swedish doctor has been arrested after allegedly lacing strawberries with Rohypnol in order to kidnap a patient. The doctor drugged the woman with the strawberries before taking her to a homemade bunker, where police claim he planned to hold the woman "for years." The doctor was then reported to have repeatedly raped the woman as she was handcuffed and bound.

The Daily Mail reports that a 38-year-old Swedish doctor has been arrested after allegedly drugging and raping one of his patients. The doctor has presumably been planning the kidnapping for years as he began building the bunker five years ago. Police reports indicate the doctor started building the bunker five years ago with the plans of keeping one or multiple women hostage "for years." The bunker was complete with a bedroom, kitchen and functioning toilet. It also featured a covered courtyard that would allow his hostage to go outside without being seen. The 12.5-inch-thick walls were made of concrete.

It appears that once the doctor found his target, he performed a series of blood tests and vaginal swabs on the "patient" so that he could test her for STDs. The doctor has reportedly admitted to authorities that he performed the blood work and vaginal swabs specifically for the purpose of testing for the sexually transmitted diseases so that he would know if his target was clean or not for sexual intercourse. After the swabs and tests came back negative, the doctor planned his attack.

Strawberry stems found at the scene were marked to indicate which ones were laced with Rohypnol. A black mark on the stem indicated that the strawberry contained the Rohypnol and was given to the patient. After feeding the woman the laced strawberries, the doctor put on one of two masks that disgusted his face. The plastic, Halloween-style masks were found in the doctor's bedroom and were allegedly used to cover his identify as he transported the woman from her home to the bunker which was 350 miles away.

[caption id="attachment_2713550" align="aligncenter" width="634"]Swedish Doctor Rapes PatientImage of the masks used by doctor to disguise identity while transporting woman to his bunker. [Image via Swedish Police Handout][/caption]Aftonbladet reports that after the woman was drugged, the doctor raped her in her home and then transported her from the flat to his vehicle using a wheelchair. He kept the woman sedated in his car as he traveled 350 miles away to the homemade bunker. Once at the bunker, the doctor kept the woman captive for six days while repeatedly raping her.

However, his disturbing plan was halted when he made the decision to return to the victim's home to retrieve some of her belongings. When he arrived at the house, he saw that the police had broken into the house and were investigating the woman's disappearance. The doctor became scared and decided to take the woman to the police station under the guise that the pair had moved in together and that the woman was fine. He told the woman what to say during the interview, but police noticed the woman seemed strange and called her to the side, away from the doctor.

Swedish doctor drugs patient
Investigators found strawberry stems that were marked with a black line indicating they had been laced. [Image via Swedish Police Handout]The woman then told police everything and the doctor was arrested. According to the woman's account, she had been raped and drugged while at the bunker and she was bound almost the entire time she was in the room. Police investigators claim that the doctor may have planned to kidnap additional women and that the bunker was designed to sustain the hostages for years.
"We believe his intention has been to keep the woman locked up for several years. We also suspect him of planning this for years. Among other things, he has built the bunker to bring one or more victims."
Friends of the doctor say they never suspected the man was a kidnapper and rapist. They claim he was "socially awkward," but not the type of person anyone would expect to do something like this.

[Image via Swedish Police Handout]